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Meet Michael

headshotHi, I’m Michael Lantz the creator of The ULTIMATE Wellness Plan™  and The FINANCIAL Wellness Formula™ that’s been used by thousands of moms, couples and dream seekers to conquer their health, make money from home and build their freedom. The impact on my community has been huge! I’ve not been on Oprah (at least not yet) or been interviewed by Tony Robbins. Warren Buffet doesn’t quote me either. But they don’t matter to me. You matter to me; real families and people. I’ll fight to improve your life and help you conquer the voice telling you that you’re not good enough.  I want you to enjoy a fulfilling life and gain massive health and energy!

My Humble Mission

Helping you live your life with health, money & joy!

The Vision of a Better World

My shame detection meter goes off when I see people throwing their insecurities at you trying to make you feel ashamed of who you really are so they can feel safe in their own little comfortable world. Shame is prevalent in our society and many people accept living bound by fears, shame, and insecurities, and accept it as truth. It bugs me that our culture promotes the false belief that freedom, health, and abundance are unattainable unless you live their way. They’d rather have you running with their ‘crowd,’ and if you don’t, you’ll not be accepted and be made to feel that you’re not good enough.  I lay awake at night figuring out how to pull you up in order for you to accept who you really are, allowing you to live free of fear walls so you can dream big time! You are the crowning jewel of creation!

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How Three Incredible Women Built Freedom Using

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I don’t want you to make the mistakes most people
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time and feeling disappointed. 
Click and Receive: The Three Biggest Diet Mistakes Pamphlet &
Educational Video!

Download FREE Pamphlet Now