Let’s start with an understanding. EVERY person I’ve asked to rate their goal for health on a scale of one to ten will rate it a TEN; the top of the scale.

Further quizzed, I’ll ask them to rate their current health on the same scale. The average response is between a 4 – 6 rating.

Let’s assume then in my highly scientific survey that most Americans health is weaker than their goal.


There are lots of reasons. Here is my top THREE list.

1) The food they eat is nutritionally depleted (more on this topic in future posts).

2) We live in a HIGHLY toxic environment and those toxins reside in their body and are harming their immune system (there is a tremendous amount of evidence…more to come).

3) They have not created the needed specific habits to close the gap.

There are answers.

I’ll provide them.

Michael Lantz
Isagenix® Nutritional Consultant
Exercise and fitness geek
Six time finisher of the Ironman® Triathlon, the World’s toughest endurance event

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