Healthy top soils are living environments that perform a vital function.  It’s in this environment that minerals from the soils are converted from a rock form into an organic form to be uplifted into the plant. Thus, the best way to obtain the vital 60 minerals we need on a daily basis is through fruits and vegetables because they are in a pure organic state.

Elaine R. Ingham, Oregon State University said, “An incredible diversity of organisms make up the soil food web. They range in size from the tiniest one-celled bacteria, algae, fungi, and protozoa, to the more complex nematodes and micro-arthropods, to the visible earthworms, insects, small vertebrates, and plants. As these organisms eat, grow, and move through the soil, they make it possible to have clean water, clean air, healthy plants, and moderated water flow. [emphasis added]”

What would happen if the equilibrium of this ecosystem was disturbed? [Who on earth would want to disturb what our Creator already made perfect?]

According to Ms. Ingham, “Growing and reproducing are the primary activities of all living organisms. As individual plants and soil organisms work to survive, they depend on interactions with each other. By-products from growing roots and plant residue feed soil organisms. In turn, soil organisms support plant health as they decompose organic matter, cycle nutrients, enhance soil structure, and control the populations of soil organisms including crop pests. [emphasis added]”

If the ecosystem was disturbed many of those “interactions” would fail.

There are many different soil organisms. Some are vital to the production of the transference of soil nutrients to organic plant nutrients. One of the organisms that make up a healthy ecosystem is called root-feeders. They consist of nematodes, macro arthropods (e.g., cutworm, weevil larvae and symphylans). Without these the result would be a potentially significant crop yield loss. Another organism is fungal-feeders; nematodes and micro arthropods whose function is to graze. This helps release plant available nitrogen and other nutrients when feeding on bacteria, control many root-feeding or disease-causing pests and stimulate and control the activity of bacterial populations. All in all there are 10 main categories of organisms all working together under the direction of our Creator to deliver to us the 60 minerals we need on a daily basis.

How might the interactions be frustrated?

Simple answer; man thinks he knows better than our Creator.

In the 1950s, after the war, the demand for more food increased, primarily from the fast food industry. Our society was becoming industrialized and more women took to the work force which reduced the amount of time available to prepare and eat a “sit down” meal. This increased demand pressured the farmer to increase “yield” on their crops. They turned to science for help.

The science produced pesticides, herbicides and larvaecides; toxic chemicals, to be sprayed on the plants to control “pests”.  The suffix “cide” means “death.”

Were yields increased? Yes, but only the green leaf part of the plant. The vital yield of mineral nutrients substantially decreased. But the food vendors didn’t care about yield on mineral contents because their customers, you and me, wanted more for less. What we got was less for more; less vital nutrients and more disease and medical costs with poor health.

These chemicals killed the topsoil’s ecosystem and wrecked havoc with the delicate balance of the ten categories of organisms to work “interactively” together to produce a fruit or vegetable with all of the needed 60 minerals.


There is much evidence to support this discovery. Jim Rhodes, a noted nutritionist, working with Loma Linda University and the University of Mississippi conducted studies on the effect of spraying all these “cides” on our crops. Their findings were presented to the Harvard Medical School. Their study concluded that most of our country’s topsoil was dead, i.e., the delicate interaction was destroyed  when these “cides” leached their way into the topsoil.  Plants today do not contain anything close to the mineral capacity of pre-crop dusting days in the 1950s.

Why do you think America is in a health crisis?

Next blog I’ll discuss how America today tries to receive these vital nutrients through supplements.

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