FacebookpostMy good friend, Dr. Robert Braden, is a guru on the human body. He specializes in sport injury, rehabilitation and prevention. I’ve pocketed a sizable portion of my wallet there working to overcome several injuries myself.

Dr. Braden indicated to me an interesting fact. Every women he knows, even without evaluating them, has a shoulder muscle tear.

He used to send all his patients with shoulder problems to the radiologist for an MRI to determine the extent of their injury. He began to realize all of them he referred had tears in both the injured and the non-injured shoulder. He then wanted to explore this situation more.

With the help of other sport’s injury doctors and physical therapists in Las Vegas, they tested 100 people, both male and female, athlete and non-athlete, shoulder problems or no shoulder problems with an MRI. The results of this survey confirmed his belief.

Everyone, all 100 subjects, had muscle tears in their shoulders to varying degrees.

The tears were most pronounced in women past age 40.

Dr. Braden then quit sending patients in for an expensive MRI because he already knew they had tears. He then began to teach all his athlete and non-athlete patients to begin shoulder exercise routines at an early age to combat the effects of tears that will always happen to all of us at some stage of our life.

Moral of the story for you ladies; you have shoulder issues so the sooner you begin to strengthen muscle in these areas, the better off you’ll be later in life and the reward will be the full use of your shoulders your entire life.

In my next blog I’ll post some photos of some simple shoulder exercises to help build up this area.

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