I’ve observed many strange things from people I see training and exercising. Here are some of the weirdness;

1) I passed a women on a bike without a bike helmet. When I passed her she said, “Be safe!”

2) People that will drive around at the health club to find the closest parking place instead of walking (i.e., exercising) 100 feet more.

3) The indoor running track at the gym I attend is “one way” and only about 900 feet a lap. People will walk against traffic to get to one of the exercise stations because it’s closer.

4) I’ve seen people at the swimming pool not get out of the water when a fire alarm went off.

5) I’ve seen people all sweaty from a workout walk right pass the showers to jump in the pool to cool off leaving a nasty residue in the water.

6) I saw a police officer pull of cyclist over for running a red light at 4am with absolutely no traffic in either direction.

7) I was hit by a car on my bike at the entrance to a construction site with over 20 cars waiting to enter and no one got out to see if I was okay except one worker, who got out to defend his boss who had hit me. He got  over me while I was still down to tell me it was my fault (which it wasn’t).

8)Overweight people will smoke, not exercise and eat an unhealthy diet but will drink a diet soda.

9) I’ve seen people drink a Red Bull after a hard workout to rehydrate even though there is a warning label on the can that says not to be consumed to rehydrate after a workout.

10) I saw an Ironman athlete wearing swim fins even though they are outlawed and if he was caught would have been DQ at the very start, wasting months of training, thousands of dollars and the ridicule of fellow athletes.

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