Let’s explore some good and dang good health habits.  I’ve written earlier about Habits and how important it is to establish them in order to achieve great health. I’ve created two list of health habits that you may be able to use to get you started. The first list of “Good” habits will be easier to implement and in time you’ll see some positive results. The second list of “Dang Good” habits will be better and a progression of the first list.

Good Health Habits

Relearn to sleep like a child
  1. Get more sleep. You may actually have to force yourself to go to bed earlier. Turn off the TV in the bedroom and don’t read while laying in bed. You’ll want to train your “It’s time to go to sleep” meter to work. If after 30 minutes you can’t sleep, get up and watch TV or read. As soon as you get drowsy, get your butt back in bed. In time, about 21 days for most, you’ll have trained yourself to fall asleep. Getting from 7-8 hours of good sleep is a must. Also, the hours you sleep before midnight are twice as good as the hours you’ll sleep after midnight.
  2. Learn to read the food labels. Most people don’t know or perhaps don’t care to understand what food vendors put in their products. You’ll be amazed at all the stuff mass producers put in food that actually cause more harm than good. Reading labels at restaurants also apply. Big chain restaurant’s food is usually not as good for you than store bought and home prepared meals. As you learn to read labels you’ll naturally (at least I hope naturally) ask what certain ingredients really are.
  3. Eat smaller portions more often. Learn to eat smaller portions more often can be big in helping you not gain weight and actually shed pounds. Spread your calorie intake evenly throughout the day. Most people eat like a bird until the dinner/nightly meal. Big mistake! You’re body is starving then because your blood sugar levels are down. Then as you stuff yourself at dinner, your body metabolizes the food to fat for storage because it thought it was being starved and didn’t know when it was going to get its next meal. If you level your meals out your body will be kind to you and it will appreciate the fact it trusts you to feed it on time. With this trust will come a higher metabolic rate and fat burn. Neet, uh?
  4. Walk at least 3 times a week for 30 min each time. Oh you thought I wouldn’t put anything in the”Good” habit list about exercise and spare you this until the “Dang Good” list. Sorry to disappoint you. Walking is easy. It is very beneficial to your heart. It is fun. You’ll get to know your neighbors and maybe, just maybe, your spouse will like you to hold their hand.

Dang Good Health Habits

  1. Never diet! Oh I thought you might like this one! That doesn’t mean you can eat everything in sight either. Another way to say this is, “Feed your body what it needs and never starve it of the 90 vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis!” Besides, traditional diets don’t work. In fact, they have a 98% failure rate. The industry is stealing $150 billion (yes that word billion starts with a “B”) a year for only succeeding 2% of the time. I actually think the 2% are liars. Look into Isagenix (yes I’m a consultant but the stuff really works, I’m 60 lbs lighter as proof). Review my video where I discuss some important facts about food and diets.
  2. Exercise more. Oh here is that pesky habit that you’ve always avoided. More exercise doesn’t mean go out like me and train like a mad man and do an Ironman Triathlon. It means do more ofwhat you’ve already been doing. If you’re walking, walk more. If your walking and  feel you might be able to run/walk, go for it. Start to ride a bike or swim. Go to a yoga class. Be active. Hike in the outdoors. Join a group that exercises together. Start with stuff that doesn’t cost much. As the Nike slogan says, “Do it!”

    Study about your health
  3. Study more about “your” health. The more knowledge you have the better. My simple 26 min video (above) was the cumulative affect of a lot of research that I did over a couple year period.I’m a nice guy and want you to have it in 26 min. No applause is necessary but you will have to watch the video. Study articles about the nutrition, exercise and ailments that areapplicable to you. Find some websites that you can trust and get into the habit of reviewing their information. Remember a truth, “You are what you eat” so it makes since, at least to me, that the more you know about “what” to eat, the more you can become the person you want to be.

I hope you’ll incorporate these seven small habits into your life. I believe that it’s the small things added up over a lifetime that will make big differences in your life and those that depend on you.

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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  1. Nothing in your list is a surprise to me. I know all these things. What I need to do now is actually put them in practice. I will print out your list and put it up on my mirror. Maybe that will help. I’ll let you know.

    1. Putting them on the mirror, while admirable, won’t work in the long term. I actually learned a valuable lesson about how the mind works. You have to actually, in your own handwriting, write your daily goals. This writing action has some magical connection to the part of your brain that will put the goal into “action”. It is only the action part that will make any goal work. I’ve seen many a person put yellow stickies on a mirror. What do they have. A bunch of yellow stickies on the mirror and no action.

      Have faith friend. Good luck. If I can ever help you please let me know. You can follow me on facebook or just send me an e-mail. I’ll share any of the action causing methods I learned to make dreams and goals a reality.

      Michael Lantz

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