Ms. Shelly Lantz started her 30-day cleanse today. She received the product yesterday and after about an hour coaching call last last night from me was raring to go.

She and her supportive mom, Ruth,  went to the health food store and bought organic greens and free range chicken to eat as her regular meal in addition to the two daily shakes. She’ll consume her one once of Ionix Supreme at night to better help her sleep.

Starting Weight 170 pounds.

Shelly’s comment:

“Oohhh I am feeling awesome! I walked 5 miles this morning. The Isalean shake was so yummy and tasted just like chocolate ice cream. At 8:30 am I am still feeling satisfied. I went to Walgreens and purchased a 24 pack of water on sale for $3. The day just keeps getting better coach! I love you and can’t begin to thank you for a new chance at health and restoration physically. I can’t wait till my actual cleanse day!”

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

Wellness Warrior & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Author, Ironman Triathlete Helping others live with more health and joy, pay for their dreams and make a difference in the world! Learn more:

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