Happy and Enthusiastic!

Ms. Shelly Lantz had a typical day one on the Isagenix 30-day Cleanse and Fat Burning Program.

Day two weight: 167 (3 pound loss)

On day one Shelly said:

“Ohh Michael I have had a splitting headache all day long and its getting worse. All that withdrawal of Caffeine and sugar I am sure of it. But I know its a good thing. I can only imagine the poison in that stuff and if it makes me sick coming out of my body I can only imagine what it does inside my body. I have drank 8 bottled waters so far and can’t stop peeing LOL. But I’m good. Tomorrow will be better I am sure it will. :)”

She then went on later in the day to say:

“The headache has passed I think the caffeine and sugar are out already. After that intense headache it makes me realize the garbage that was in me. I never missed my coffee I can’t believe it! I was not tired at work and felt great besides the headache that is. Tomorrow is a new day, I am ready for it. You rock Michael and I love you and feel so blessed to have met you. God, our amazing God. WooHoo!”

I encouraged Shelly to take the one once of Ionix Supreme before she went to bed. She had told me that she rarely sleeps through the night and can’t remember when she had a good nights sleep. Then this morning I woke up to the following message in my in box:

“I can’t believe that I slept through the whole night like a baby, never has that happened in over 2 years. Not once did I wake up and raid the fridge. For the past 2 years I was the fridge night time bandit.

I want to do the Isa Body Challenge!”

Way to go Shelly! Not only is your cleanse amazing but so is your infectious attitude!

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