Shelly’s supportive parents

Everyone but Ms. Shelly knows you need eight hours of sleep at night. Her supportive mother has been telling her to get more sleep for several weeks

Over the past week Ms. Shelly had been going to bed real late and getting up at 4 am to walk. Lack of sleep finally caught up with her on Friday and she crashed. She had to leave work early. She got home at 2 pm and slept until 7 pm. After briefly getting up then, she fell back to sleep. Again, she slept through the night. She promises that she will go to bed by 9 pm each night.

Beginning weight: 170

Current weight: 164

She said about Day 5 (Saturday, August 28):

“Doing my first deep cleanse day using Isagenix®. I woke up feeling refreshed after getting all that extra sleep and decided today is the day I would do my deep cleanse (a deep cleanse day is where she ONLY consumes Cleanse for Life the entire day). I drank my first 4 oz glass of Cleanse for Life and it was delicious. I can have Isagenix Snacks™ and Replenish drink to sustain me and help any hunger cravings. But the fact is since I have been deep cleansing I have had no real cravings. Michael Lantz said the reason you can go without lots of calories is because Cleanse for Life is still providing me all the daily vitamins and minerals I need. That is the blessing of this amazing cleanse!”

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  1. Hi Sis, I have to agree about the sleep. I have found more than anything that if I don’t get my sleep each night the next day I am not good to myself or anyone else around me. Getting your sleep each night will also keep your brain healthy, alert, clear and level headed. You will have more energy. Keep up the good work on your cleanse. Very proud of you. Love you your sister Kimberly

  2. What a gorgeous couple they are!! After all these years, they seem to get better looking!!! How is that possible?????I want their secret!

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