I’m Rockin!

“Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Feeling like I’m Rockin! I had my best sleep last night. I walked 5 miles this morning after awaking at 4:15 am FRESH! I wished I could do 5 more! I am glowing from my brain down to my toes and the big fat blister too. Can’t hold me back, on a roll  and not a carb one at night either!”

Do you think Ms. Shelly is just a little excited?

Ms. Shelly, we that love her call her “Shells”, can’t stop wondering how good Isagenix® really is. She has shared it with several friends and last night actually invited and enrolled a friend of mine here in Las Vegas, over 3,000 miles away from Shelly’s home in Florida. Enthusiasm travels along way. The new enrollee in Las Vegas has been following Shells on this blog and was inspired by her story and wanted to try it too. The only way to use Isagenix® is to be invited and sharing it with others.

I’ve mentioned several times to Shelly how Isagenix® will improved your brain chemistry. Dr. John Gray, the author of  “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and an Isagenix® millionaire, has written extensively on the importance of brain chemistry and how Isagenix® supports it. Shelly’s enthusiasm and energy has “substantially” improved since I met her only a few weeks ago as a result of her improved brain chemistry.

Ms. Shelly said, “I wanted to share with you that this stuff has done something to my brain. Brain food I guess. I feel so euphoric at work. I feel alert and on top with no sleepies either. I love it! I hope I can stay on this the rest of my life because I never felt so satisfied health wise. Is it possible to do 4 shakes a day and forget the food all together? I mean after all if these shakes have all I need I could live on them forever. My favorite so far is the vanilla with a scoop of Isagenix Greens. Awesome!!!! I can’t wait to take my measurements on Thursday. I will be doing my second cleanse tomorrow and will announce my weight and inches loss for the first week then. Muah!”

Can you hear the excitement in her message? I’ve had others ask the same question about just eating the Isalean Shakes and give up other food altogether. The simple answer is yes. However, life is about variety so I encourage people to eat a variety of food with multiple colors and let the body enjoy all there is to offer to feed it.

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