I’ve been a huge fan of natural healing for over 30 years. I have had great results using chiropractic physicians and recently I may have had my best results.

As an endurance athlete we take a beating mostly by running. Swimming and biking are the lest physical of the multisports of triathlon. Over the past 4 years I’ve had a chiropractic adjustment at least twice a month and sometimes more. After the adjustment I always feel much better and can resume my training.

I’ve worked through several issues related to injuries sustain many years ago and  ensuing surgery to correct a major problem in my leg.  I’ve worked very hard at strengthening specific muscle groups to insure that the problem that created symptoms needing surgery do not come back. I realized and finally asked the question, “Why do I continually need the same chiropractic adjustments? Is there something still out of balance causing me to be “out” in the same places, month after month, year after year?”

I think I found an answer. The question lead me to start asking more questions.

Dr. Autumn Monteiro at Back on Track, Upper Cervical Care finally gave me an answer to my question. Also, in fairness Dr. Kevin Jenkins, who has faithfully treated me and my family for many years,  recommended upper cervical care to me sometime ago but unfortunately I was not ready to listen then because I had never asked myself the question.

Dr. Monteiro said that “the human skull and it contents, weighing about 4-5 kg, sit on top of our neck (cervical spin). The head and neck region, especially near the joint between our skull and 1st vertebra (atlas or C1), is rich in vital nerves and blood vessels leading to our brain.”

She went on to explain, “We have all had a bump to the head at some time in our lives, but mostly we just shrug it off. It could be that these knocks have shifted your skull on the atlas. The natural response of your body to this trauma is to realign your body underneath your skull. Your pelvis moves and your hip is raised on one side (see my shorter leg photo below).”

According to her, “The tension which this could place on the nerves leaving your spinal canal and the cranial nerves and the blood vessels leaving the skull, could be enough to attenuate the signals of your nervous system and the flow of blood to the and from your brain. This is often missed completely by some practitioners and the dysfunction that this may cause can be widespread.”

I’ve included three photos below. The first is my neck photo. I’ve shown with a yellow arrow how one of my vertebrae was dislodged at some point in my life. Perhaps while playing football many years ago. From other x-rays Dr. Monteiro took discovered my atlas was not at all “balanced.”

Because my atlas was not balanced explains the reason why I’ve always had lower back pain and needed to have by pelvis adjusted so often. As you can see in the second photo my left leg, before my atlas adjustment, was about one inch shorter than my right. At the time of this photo I was experiencing pain in my neck, between my shoulder blades and lower back.

After my atlas adjustment a week ago I went home and crashed. I was so tired as Dr. Monteiro had warned me would happen. She said that my spinal cord would finally be free to open up and send impulses through out the rest of my body to start to “balance” me. The next day after sleeping real well the night of the atlas adjustment, I awoke pain free.

Today from the third photo you’ll see that my legs are of equal length. I’ve noticed more balanced swimming and biking. My feet, while running, are hitting the ground more smoothly and without the “braking” action that I’ve been plagued with for so long.

I highly recommend you consider this type of adjustment from one of these professionals.

Dr. Monteiro, Phone 702-834-5777, E-mail: DrAutumn@seeonedoc.com

Dr. Kevin Jenkins, Phone 702-463-3000   E-mail: kevin@drjenkins.org

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