Let’s keep this simple. To stay really healthy and I don’t just mean normal healthy, I mean REALLY healthy for life your body needs four things. According to Tony O’Donnell in Miracle Super Foods That Heal, the four things are:

1) To be in an oxygenated and alkaline state.
2) To be able to detoxify and eliminate toxins
3) High levels of enzymes, the “spark plugs” of life, and
4)High Antioxidant levels to destroy free radicals.


Considered one of the most important facts about cancer; it can’t survive in an alkaline and oxygenated body. This has been known for the better part of a century. In fact, oxygen is routinely used in laboratories to kill off cancerous and viral cell cultures.

Did you know that vintners and brewers understand that acidity and low oxygen are requirements for good fermentation? “They’re also requirement for cancer to grow and flourish”, O’Donnell said.

Healthy tissues are always alkaline and oxygenated. When you gradually increase your body’s alkalinity, you simultaneously increase the oxygen levels in all your organs and tissues. If you keep your body at an alkaline pH 7.4, you’ll stop the growth of diseased cells by literally starving them to death.

Here is how you keep your body oxygenated and alkaline.

1. Cut your intake of acidic foods like sugar, milk and meat, and especially soda and coffee (at pH 2.0, both are highly acidic).

Some Acid-Forming Foods

Alcohol, Beans, Catsup, Cocoa, Eggs, Fish, Meat, Milk, Noodles, Oatmeal, Pasta, Poultry, Shellfish, Soft drinks, Tea

2. Eat alkaline-forming foods like most fruits and vegetables. Did you know that 98% of vegetarians never get any cancer of any kind?

Some Alkaline-Forming Foods

Avocados, corn, Fresh coconut, most fresh fruits, most fresh vegetables, honey, maple syrup, molasses, raisins, soy products

3. Get more oxygen into your body.

Exercise is the cheapest and best way to do it. I recommend walking. That’s simple.


Everybody has toxins in them. Yes, everybody. (Please watch this short video titled, “Are You Toxic?”) It has been shown that  infants at birth have many toxins in them that passed from their mothers. Many of them are known to cause cancer.

Recent studies have shown that a male or female past 50 years of age has a 1 in 2 and 1 in 3 chance of getting cancer during their lifetimes, respectively.

Cleansing out toxins for life is critical. I recommend the Isagenix® cleansing system and their wonderful product called Cleanse for Life™.

Get rid of toxic emotions and people too. According to the late Douglas Brodie, M.D., H.M.D. the former director of the Cancer Care Center in Reno, Nevada found that the person most susceptible to getting cancer has the following characteristics:

  1. They tend to be highly conscientious, dutiful, responsible, caring, hard working, and usually of above average intelligence.
  2. A propensity toward carrying other people’s burdens, taking on extra obligations, even to the point of worrying for others.
  3. Showing a deep-seated need to make others happy, tending to be “people pleasers.” Having a great need for approval.
  4. Having a long-standing history of suppressing negative emotion, such as anger, hostility, and resentment. Typically, the cancer-susceptible individual keeps these emotions bottled up inside and has great difficulty expressing them.
  5. Has a history of lack of closeness with one or both parents, resulting in a lack of closeness with spouse or with others who would otherwise normally be close.
  6. Frequently reacts adversely to stress, often becoming unable to cope adequately with it. Usually has experienced an especially traumatic event about two years before cancer is discovered, and has not been able to cope with that traumatic event.
  7. Is unable to resolve deep-seated emotional problems, conflicts and burdens.

The personality type most likely to develop cancer has been suppressing “toxic emotions” particularly anger.


These spark plugs are the protein links that control the fuel and energy output of every cell including heartbeat, tissue growth and repair, digestion and absorption of food-everything.

“Each type of food requires a different enzyme to break it down into a form that can be used by the body”, according to O’Donnell. He goes on to say, “When we’re young our bodies have enough enzymes to digest food properly, but after years of eating cooked and processed food that are stripped of enzymes, we eventually deplete our body supplies.

Without enough enzymes, anywhere from one-third to one-half of the carbohydrates and proteins, and most of the fats entering your digestive system won’t be absorbed. When your digestive system is sluggish, food doesn’t get processed. It sits there, slowly turning to fat.


A free radical is an unstable atom or group of atoms that “can cause a lot of cellular damage” if left unchecked.

“Free radicals are a factor in the development of virtually every chronic disease of our times” according to O’Donnell and many others. We are under constant free-radical attack including the radiation from the sun, cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes.


I’ve mentioned some simple but powerful truths but knowing them won’t help you unless you adhere to them. As I’ve said a million times, “You are what you eat!” A proper diet including the use of Isagenix®, exercise, proper rest and mental and spiritual feasting, are important to proper health for life.


Yes there are some things free in life. I care so much about your health (one of my bucket list goals is to help at least 50,000 people to freedom through health and wealth) I offer a free consultation to explore your habits and what the next step might be for you.

You can contact me, Michael Lantz, on my cell phone at 702-497-9649 or e-mail at: mike@lantzwp.com.

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