Children are experts at learning not to take their view of life so serious!

My good friend Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D.  a psychologist at Pransky and Associates wrote an article for my private foundation, Dicken is an expert in healing mental wounds and helping others restore their lost well-being.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

How often have you had the experience of getting upset about something that happened, and later, when you calmed down you saw the situation in a better light?  What is it that accounts for the fact that at one moment things can look so different to us than at another moment?  And how often do we get wedded to a perspective that locks us into a painful experience?

Let’s consider something that we don’t often think about.  How we see the world at any particular moment is not a given. Our view or perception can morph into a different view at any moment.  Our mind is a powerhouse of limitless potential.  Our mind is capable of generating an endless supply of new views.  Our situation can seem impossible one moment, and later, as our mind generates new thoughts about the situation, it can appear manageable.  We can dislike a person one minute, and later, even though the person hasn’t changed, we can like him/her.  At any moment we think that how we see the world is accurate. We think our mind is a camera that is taking an accurate picture.  We may see a horrible situation or a person being rude. We may see ourselves as being incapable or see no answers to a problem.

If we haven’t realized for ourselves that the mind is infinite potential, it will be very easy for us to latch onto our present view of life as a given.  Then we think that how we are thinking about things and seeing them is accurate, right, and true.  This misunderstanding is responsible for much of human suffering.

The good news is that our view of anything is temporary.  It is a thought-generated perception.  Since our thought perceptions can change in an instant we can say that they have no permanent, substantial nature.

The simple truth is that no matter how painful, difficult, or limiting a certain view can be, we can always realize the fact that this is only a temporary, illusory thought-created experience.  In the same way that we wake up from nightmares, we can wake up from our “daymares”.  We learn not to take our view of life so seriously.

When we see our perceptions of life as connected to a mind that is infinite in potential we become more open minded, resilient, confident, optimistic, and hopeful.  These are characteristics of healthy psychological functioning. We become less wedded to any view.  We trust that our mind can generate a better view than the one to which we currently are subscribing.  This understanding helps raise our overall level of well-being. We develop the attitude that this too shall pass.  This too will change.  Now you see it, now you don’t.

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