Shelly with her supportive mother before the cleanse started. Wait until you see her AFTER photos!

On day 21 Ms. Shelly has had some great results.

Beginning Weight: 170
Current Weight: 160


Beginning Inches: 357.50
Current Inches: 318.50

TOTAL SLIM DOWN: 39 inches

Beginning Dress Size: 12-14
Current Dress Size: 10

One of the great attributes of successful and happy people is the expression of gratitude. Ms. Shelly through all of her trials in life and acceptance of God’s plan has an abundant amount of gratitude.

There are three persons in Shelly’s corner that are rooting for her. Dave Mac Aurthur, Lenny Evans and me, Michael Lantz. All of us are watching Shelly’s progress in Isagenix carefully. Each of these three are successful Isagenix network marketing professionals and leaders of people. Ms. Shelly expressed the following gratitude:

“WOW all 3 of you are so amazing and I thank my Father in Heaven for bringing all of you into my life at such a time as this. I know you were God’s answer to prayer to help me physically because I was on my way to obesity if I did not get help. I began to believe that I would always crave sugar and carbs and all the wrong foods but now I know that I’ll never crave them again as long as I continue to heal and consume Isagenix products. I am forever grateful for your words of encouragement and support.

I have hated exercise my entire life, it was drudgery to me but I did it when I just had to but always was so tired and just had no energy. Well since I began my cleanse I walk no less than 3 miles or up to 6 miles a day. Three in the morning and three in the evening and I still have energy. My cleansing days are exciting, I feel so good and I don’t even get tired or cranky. I actually feel euphoric and feel as though this product has restored the natural dopamine in my system that the cocaine I took for over 24 years destroyed.

This is a healing product along with all the other amazing things it does for our Temple. Oh my, Mr. John Anderson (the creator of Isagenix products) is going to definitely get a huge diamond in his crown for saving so many people’s health and life through this amazing product. My prayers are always going to be going up for him also. Love you 3 guys!”

In addition to the side benefit of gratitude Ms. Shelly has had to buy smaller dresses. Ms. Shelly is down to a size 10 after losing an amazing 39 inches in 21 days.

“Well got up this morning and walked 4 miles. I am feeling so good still. Looking forward to my 3rd cleanse day tomorrow. I am still at 160 after releasing 10 lbs. thus far. But inches, oh my! I am shocked and so our my co workers and friends I am already getting back into my size 10 clothes. I was in 12-14 starting 3 weeks ago. Inches lost on my overall body is 39 inches all together. I lost a whole inch in my neck how weird is that? Haha! But I love it and I haven’t even begun. I still have 30 more lbs to go to reach my 130lb goal.”

The reason many women lose inches more rapidly than pounds is due to lean muscle gain as a result of the protein in the Isalean Shakes. Muscle is seven times heavier than fat. So while Mr. Shelly has only lost a “net” 10 pounds, she has gained favorable lean muscle and released much more than 10 pounds of fat.

The only way to acquire Isagenix is to be invited by someone to participate. Thus, it is a natural way to share a gift of health with others. Shelly has invited several people and five people have accepted her invitation, including her mother and her good friend that received her kidney,  to enroll and start on their path to health. With this level, Shelly has earned the rank of Consultant and can now begin to be financially rewarded for adding value to others. Way to go Ms. Shelly! You’ve started your path to financial and time freedom.

Side note: Shelly and John Anderson share a common bond. Shelly donated a kidney to a friend and John Anderson received a kidney from his daughter. Maybe the law of attraction is working here. Just saying……

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  1. Michael dont forget to share Mom started the cleanse yesterday with me. She wants to lose a few pounds and for health purposes. She said this morning she felt great!

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