Have you ever felt that you’re just going through the motions of life? You wake up, do the exact same routine everyday; go to work, shuffle tasks, go home, surf Facebook, brush your teeth and go to bed. Then you lay in bed at night and wonder if you really did anything that made a difference in the world. You wonder and ask, “Is this what life is all about?” You didn’t remember signing up for this plan.

I know the feeling. I’ve laid in bed at night and thought the exact same thing.

If you feel this way check  your OPTIMISTICONOMETER (OO) switch. It is probably stuck in the off position.

The good news is that you can turn the switch on at any time. It’s as simple as turning on a light. However, it does require some effort to keep in on all the time.

Is your interest aroused? I hope so.

How then, you’re asking, “Do I turn my OO back on?” Great question because you recognize that your meter is off. That may be the greatest realization you could ever have from reading this article.

I have six sure ways to turn your OO on.

  1. Change your thoughts. When your meter is off somewhere inside your mind you have created a series of thoughts that you believe there is no more that life has to offer. You’ll have to discover the thoughts that are causing your meter to be off. Your thoughts are very powerful in shaping your feelings. If you are feeling low and perhaps have lost your well-being your thoughts are poor. On the other hand, when you feel better about life and are happier, your thoughts are upbeat. The good news is that you can change your thoughts with the power of choice.
  2. Create “Burning” desires. All outcomes in life first start with desire. If you’ve lost some hope about your future means that your desire to change it is very weak. It is one thing to “wish” you had a six-figure income, happier state of being and more time freedom and another to actually be moving towards it. If you really want better outcomes in life you have to have  a “burning” desire for them. Like I always say, “Little desire, little outcomes. Burning desire. Massive outcomes.”
  3. Exercise faith. For many people in life this concept is hard to understand. Faith is quite simple and it starts with burning desire and hope. You desire an outcome and hope it can be true. Then you’ll have to actually believe it is possible to obtain. You’ll have to see, smell, taste and almost experience the outcome before it actually becomes real in order for your faith to be perfect.
    Faith is seeing and believing that which is not seen. You’ll have to know it is possible to obtain the object of your burning desire before you can actually have faith. You may gain faith because you see that others have achieved the outcome you desire. You’ll say to yourself, “If he/she can do it, I can!” You’ll then also have to have the thoughts to back it up. You can’t say, “They can do I but I can’t because……” That is a negative thought with your OO switch off. As you’ve discovered in step one, you have the power to dismiss that thought and replace it with a positive one.
    Without faith, even in the smallest amount, you’ll NEVER be able to receive the bounty of your desire. Why? Because you’ll never do the action necessary to achieve the result. A wise man once said, “If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right!”
  4. Take massive action. This is where the “rubber meets the road!” Every outcome in life is a result of some form of action or inaction. There is no escaping this step. In order to keep the OO switch on, you’ll need to take constant and massive action.
    You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing in life is free.” I couldn’t agree more. But the power in this promise of achievement lies in the action required to achieve it.
    No wealthy person ever sit in a chair at night watching TV and playing video games and Facebook and had millions plop in their bank account. You’ll have to DO your part to unlock your desired outcome.
  5. Express gratitude. The easiest way to keep your OO switch “ON” is to be grateful. Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” When you are open to seeing everything and everyone as a miracle, your life can explode. The only sure way to see everything as a miracle and thus the expression of gratitude is to have open and kind positive thoughts about everything. For example, if you have the thought, “My spouse is so insensitive” and replace it with, “My spouse is a good person to support our family and I appreciate the sacrifice,” you’ll never be sad about your spouse.
    Because thoughts of gratitude are ALWAYS positive and solicit happy feelings, your OO switch can’t be turned off because you’re always looking for the miracles in life, thus “your eyes are always open”.
  6. Do some form of daily personal development. Dr. Stephen Covey in his best seller, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” refers to this step as “Sharpen the Saw.” This is in reference to the wise logger that always won the competition for the most logs cut because he began the competition by first making sure his saw was sharp while the other competitors just began to saw away. While the wise logger may have started out a little behind, it was soon evident once he got started that he would win because his effort produced the most cutting. This will be true in your life as well.
    Personal development creates a great deal of confidence because you are training your mind, body and spirit to work in concert together. This development may be in the form of reading and studying. Perhaps to multi-task while running or walking you listen to uplifting words of wisdom, music or motivational messages. Personal development shows your commitment to yourself by altering your habits and training yourself to be optimistic.

I hope your OPTIMISTICONOMETER remains working to see the best in life that can be yours. Life is a choice; you either choose to have happiness, peace of mind and freedom, or you don’t.

I work with a great team and I’m always recruiting new team members who want more in their life and are willing to work for it. If you have an interest in being a part of something special to help you achieve your own happiness, peace of mind and freedom, please contact me. God bless you  and may your OPTIMISTICONOMETER guide your way!

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  1. I like your blog (and writing style) and see that thematically we write about similar topics, but in a different way. I love your six main points today, especially the ones about creating burning desires, taking action, and expressing gratitude.

    I’d love your reaction to my blog and your readers may find it thought provoking as well. You can read it at: http://findfulfillflourish.wordpress.com/


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