A new and “glowing” Shelly! Wow!

Ms. Shelly has just finished her first 30-day cleanse using the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System (see slide show below of her before and after pictures). She is thrilled with the results so far and is not done yet! She’ll repeat the process for another 30-days, consuming two Isalean® Shakes per day along with a sensible meal and nutritious snacks. Then once per week will deep cleanse using Cleanse for Life™ to remove harmful toxins from her body. Also, to help her other body functions, reduce stress and to help her sleep better she’ll consume one once of Ionix® Supreme.


Beginning cleanse date: August 25, 2010
Current date: September 21, 2010
Total days: 29 days

Beginning Weight: 170
Ending Weight: 155

Weight released: 15 pounds

Beginning total inches: 357.5
Ending total inches: 320.5

Inches lost: 37

Full night sleep before the cleanse: NONE
Full night sleep during the cleanse: 29

Energy level before the cleanse (scale of 1 to 10): 4
Energy level after the cleanse: 9 (she started to walk before and after work for a total of 4+ miles per day. Currently she is starting to run and is going to begins cross training activities)

From Shelly:

“I can’t even began to share how Isagenix has changed my life.  Upon Michael first sharing with me about the cleanse and products I was a bit skeptical. I have tried so many diets and weight loss plans in the past. Over the years  I’ve put on weight coming out of some dark days.  Many with my challenge turn to food.  I never felt alone because I had so many friends in the past that all suffered the same as I did.  Most of us head for the sugar to numb our pain but we can never get enough.

I have tried other weight loss programs in the past including th Adkins diet, South Beach diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Jenny Craig and almost every diet pill made known to man.  I my take off a couple pounds and then would give up only to put it right back on and still be stuck in all the same old habits.  Then something even more out of the ordinary developed in my life back in 2009.  I began sleep waking in the night and eating.  I mean this got crazy.  I would wake right up, go to the fridge, and gorge on anything I could find; cheeze, ice cream , crackers, cereal and if it was high carbs or sugar it was history.  I then would wake up in the morning feeling satisfied but awful and the weight got out of control.

At one point in my life when I live abroad I was only 138 lbs and felt amazing as I ate all organic produce.  Then after introducing the American yummies back into my body within 4 months I was hitting the scales at 150 and then I peaked at 170 lbs 30 days ago.  I had had it.  I was so disgusted with myself and I was hurting.  I went from a size 7 to a size 14 in just 2 years and I was on my way to obesity.  Along with all of that was shame.  I felt insecure and sad.  I am a Christian and love the Lord with all my heart but still being fat hurt. I don’t care how much you love Jesus, I just felt miserable and hurt.  My Mom and Dad and grandmother who love me so much and understood my pain began to pray with me for a solution to all of this.  I literally remember laying on my bed and crying asking God to help me find what was wrong with me and to please help me.

Then on that day, a day when God knew it was His time, He brought a wonderful man into my life to guide me to a solution and to share with me what he felt was the problem.  He didn’t come with a sale pitch at all.  Actually I followed his wall on Facebook and we had become friends only because we had the same last names and had friended each other to see if we were related.  When I saw Michael was into health and nutrition I began to share my heart with him.  He taught me that Isagenix is not a diet but a cleanse and replenishing system. He confirmed by own belief that diets don’t work and have a 98% failure rate.

And the icing on the cake was that Michael also loved the Lord and I saw that he cared about people’s lives and their health.  Well this is were it all started and after some time coaching me and introducing me to Isagenix and sharing exactly why I was trapped in this horrible addiction to food I decided that this would be it.

Then only 30 days ago I started The 30-day Isagenix Cleanse and Fat Burning System.  The first 3 days were rough. I drank so much coffee thinking it would diminish my cravings, but now have discovered it does the opposite.  Getting all that sugar, fat carbs and garbage out of my body the first 2-3 days I suffered bad headaches but I did have energy. From the first shake day I have never once gotten up in the night to eat. I actually I sleep through the whole night like a baby.  By the 4th day is when I began to feel so good.  I mean not only the energy but the clarity in my mind and thoughts.  The depression was subsiding and I began to feel optimistic and happy.  I couldn’t explain this but all I did was praise God. I loved the shakes and whatever was in these things. It is super food!  No stimulants in Isagenix either. The product is amazing!  It has given me all I prayed for.  I have not ate bad carbs or any sugar or caffeine since I began 30 days ago nor do I ever want that garbage back in my system again.  I have learned to eat organic food that satisfies.  I feel amazing and I will remain on Isagenix as long as possible and I am so blessed.  Thank you Father God for hearing my prayers and thank you Michael Lantz for being an instrument in His hands to guide me to the truth that I have heard so many times in the past but never believed  “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!”

If you’d like more information, please fill out the confidential form below and Michael or Shelly will get in touch with you.

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  1. Congrats, Shelley. How wonderful that you’ve had such success with Isagenix. I, too, am in the beginning phases of my comittment to Isagenix and turning over a new healthy life. You look great. How wonderful that you are giving your Lord and Saviour the credit in putting an angel in your life at a time when you were ready to receive the message. Here’s to your continued success.

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