Writing a book is like riding a bike; you’re all excited to get on and have fun until you fall down and skin your knee. I’ve always been a slow learner and I’ve fallen a few times as I begun to write this book. I keep letting the knee heal and I start all over again. This time I hope that I’ll finally make it down the drive way!

I’m sharing the introduction in humility. Over the next few months I’ll be asking you for stories to support each of the nine pillars. In my life and perhaps yours, inspiration comes from others.

The Nine Pillars of a Quality Life™


This is the first book I’ve every written and with that disclosure I know that it will probably be a work in progress for some time to come. I hope that you have some tolerance for certain omissions or the lack of something in my literary style but would try and understand the true meanings of the concepts I’ve articulated.

The Nine Pillars of a Quality Life™ are not the only variables that would add quality in one’s life.  However I believe that if these nine are followed that quality would entail. I guarantee that!

I did not create them but I did use them in my quest to move my life from “success to significance.” They have been around since the inception of time. My work was to highlight them and if I was successful at motivating you to follow them you might also increase the quality in your own life and the lives of others.

Another benefit of following them is that they will lead you to find more pillars; your own pillars. I believe there are an unlimited number of them and some would be better at helping you achieve quality than even these. These nine worked very well for me and I’m certain will work for you.

The nine pillars are:

  1. DESIRE; A hunger for that which is praiseworthy
  2. FAITH; Hope in things unseen
  3. ACTION; Turning desire and faith into results
  4. THOUGHT; Choosing your level of well-being
  5. RELATIONSHIPS; Create happiness through The Relationship Foundations of Happiness™ (see photo below for the foundations)
  6. GRATITUDE; The realization AND expression that all our outcomes are gifts
  7. PURPOSE; As a compass points north, having a defined purpose helps us find meaning in our lives
  8. CHARITY; Dedicate your life to the service of others and you’ll find your life.
  9. LESS IS MORE; Understanding the less we have in terms of material goods and variables we are managing, the more time we have to devote to the important and meaningful purposes in our life.

There were others that I considered and have used but for various reasons they did not make the final nine. As an example; Love, would be a strong candidate for inclusion yet I felt that Charity encompassed love and so much more. One of the pillars; number nine and the last on the list is Less is More. It only made the final nine after being considered for some time and not being included in the original eight. Yet after much thought and consideration felt that in our society today with so much emphasis being placed on material wealth and recognition that its inclusion made sense and was needed.

As you read each chapter about the Pillars you’ll notice that I’ve tried to explain some of their close relationships to each other. For example the first four pillars; Desire, Faith, Action and Thought are fundamental in creating results and they have to be used together in their exact order for them to create new results. Gratitude and charity are closely associated as Less Is More and Gratitude are.

The Relationship Foundations of Happiness™ itself has five separate components.

During each chapter I’ll explain to you “how” to incorporate them in your life by showing examples of how either myself or others have used them. I did not want a book that you read and then shoved on the bookshelf, never to be opened again. I wanted to inspire you to actually use one or more of them in their life to create positive change. I also recognize how you may have a superior command of one or more of them and could have probably written a much better chapter than I. Yet I was hopeful that for those that you had not considered using before may be a missing link in your quest for perfection.

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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