I’m ready to rock it!

After David’s first day on his Isagenix® 30-day cleanse he said, “I feel fantastic, amazing and love it.” He released 4 pounds his first day!

It’s not often that someone would want the world to follow his health journey. But then again you’ve never met  David.

David is an exceptional person. A disciple of Jesus Christ. A family man. Great husband. Would do anything for another person.

He also recognizes that God granted him more time on this earth and wants to honor that gift.

David is the recipient of the gift of life; he received Ms. Shelly Lantz’s kidney.

As you can tell David is obese. One of the problems associated with obesity is the possibility of becoming diabetic. Diabetics are hard on kidneys. David knows that.

David is busy in meetings all the time with officials from other countries. He travels the world for his ministry called One Hope. [Follow One Hope on Facebook] He develops capsules of outreach tools that are used in the rave clubs in countries around the world. According to Shelly, “He is so down to earth but he is on overload as he launches this new capsule in other countries. That is why he was in Argentina and next week will be in South Africa.”

Like many high energy successful entrepreneurs David has neglected his health but is now ready to dedicate time to becoming healthy. I suspect that David will conquer his health the same way he has created successful businesses. In fact, he is so confident that he’ll conquer it that he has entered the Isagenix® Isa-Body Challenge. I look for David to win his division and Shelly to win hers.

Way to go David and thank you for allowing us to follow your health journey.

One of the great aspects of being a nutrition coach with Isagenix is meeting the David and Shelly’s of the world. I’m so excited for these two wonderful people to discover the wonderful blessing of total health.

By the way, for those that have followed Ms. Shelly’s cleanse she has released two more pounds (down to 153 from 170) and is excited to go shopping for some new jeans!

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