Our healthy habits now will pay big dividends in the future!

I was surprised how easy yesterday’s cleanse was. The new method of hourly repeating Cleanse For Life™ > IsaDelight®> Want More Energy™> really worked well. I feel much cleaner and my mental clarity has improved. I was energetic at 3am this morning when I a woke and started my day. My sinuses were clear all night and I slept really well.

I ran and did my strength training routine at the gym this morning.

Sue had a more difficult time late yesterday. She was not able to focus and as directed she went to bed early. She slept well all night. This morning she was feeling fine and felt like today would be easier. She may have been throwing off more toxins than me. She took the dogs for a walk in the rain today and is going to be sewing most of the day.

We’re looking forward the momentum boost of back-to-back cleanse days. I scheduled a lunch with a dear long-time friend today and I feel confident that I’ll be able to go without a wonderful Greek salad as she and I share old times and catch up on our lives.

Cleansing is not part of the American culture. I’ve been cleansing for about 4 1/2 years and I’ve been the most healthy during this time of my life. My blood pressure is very low, weight is under control and I sleep mostly like a rock. My energy level during this time is about a 10 where before was about a 5. I’ll cleanse the rest of my life to keep the toxins out, colon clean, lungs clear and my brain full of the needed nutrients it needs.

I love cleansing!


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