After cleansing you feel as fresh as a flower!

My wife and I finished our two day deep cleanse. This is the first time we’ve done it together in the 4 1/2 years we’ve been cleansing.

It was much easier for both of us on the second day. We both felt better afterward than before with the experience of less body pain, more energy, no GI issues and improved sleep.

I released an amazing 4 pounds! I was at 185 this morning. I didn’t think at 6% body fat I could get rid of any more. My water content improved as well increasing to 61.2% from 60%. That’s a big plus.

My wife released 2 pounds. She has been using the Isagenix® 30-day Cleansing and Fat Burning system for about 3 weeks and has released 5.5 pounds and 8.5 inches.

All-in-all we’re both pleased with our results.

Mentally I’m elated to always get rid of more toxins in my body!

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