Shelly and her mother Ruth

You’ll want to read this story. It is one of many that cause me to have 100% faith in Isagenix and want to continue to share it with others. When I read Ruth’s email I had to stop and wipe the tears from my eyes.

This is Ruth Ann Melberg Lantz story in her own words.

I would like to share my Isagenix story with you. My daughter Shelly was introduced to Isagenix about 2 months ago. I was a bit skeptical of any kind of weight loss program. I’ve tried them in the past only to have negative results.

Shelly was so excited as she started to use Isagenix. I watched her with my skeptical eyes at first but over the first 30-days she was on the system I began to see my daughter’s wonderful transformation. She was so determined and had so much willpower to stick with it. She was faithful in using the product and I was amazed, to say the least, as I witnessed her losing weight and inches dramatically. Click here to read Shelly’s story.

What interested me the most was the changes I saw in her overall eating habits, personality and feeling of well-being. She had so much more energy and kept telling me how awesome she felt. Shelly’s cravings for sweets, caffeine and junk food diminished as well.When she would sit down for a meal I saw how disciplined she had become and was telling me what not to eat!

I was now more interested in using Isagenix for myself. I began to wonder if Isagenix could really help me too?

I was not really overweight standing 5’5″ and about 139 lbs. I thought I could probably lose about 10 unwanted pounds but I really wanted to know if it could perhaps help me with other health issues I had.

I’ve learned to live with pain. I was in an automobile accident over 50 years ago that had left me with constant neck and back pain. I also suffer from fibromyalsia, torticollis and high blood pressure. I occasionally suffer from acid reflux and other digestive problems.

I finally decided to give Isagenix a try and do the 30-day cleanse to see if I could just lose the 10 pounds and just maintain the reduced weight. I had no intentions of staying on it after that.

I’m not a skeptic anymore. After just seven weeks I now want to be on Isagenix the rest of my life! I lost the 10 pounds within the first three weeks with ease. What I didn’t expect is the amazing energy I’ve gained and I feel on top of the world!

I remember driving my car and I called Shelly at work to give her what Michael refers to as “the call” that many Isagenxi consultants get when I asked Shelly, “What’s in this stuff?!” I can’t get this silly grin off my face either!

I can’t begin to explain or share what it is that makes be feel so optimistic but I can say this is truly real live brain food and it has given my body so much that it needed. I can’t wait to have my daily Isalean shake.

I have not suffered from any form of digestive or acid reflux since I started my cleanse. The best part perhaps is that my fibromylasia seems to have faded away. I have lived the past 40 years of my life in pain and all I can say is that I can now sleep through the night without getting up and putting ice and heat on my neck and back or having to sleep in a chair. Also the last time I took my blood pressure it was miraculously in the normal range! I’ve been challenged with high blood pressure for so long and I even had a stent inserted in my heart this year because of a heart attack I suffered that I was not even aware I had. When you live with pain for so long you forget what it feels like to be pain free. I can testify it feels wonderful to feel pain free!

I will be forever grateful to God for bringing Michael Lantz and Isagenix into my family’s life. It completely solved my Shelly’s eating disorders and helped my body heal enough to relieve me of so many nagging health issues.

I absolutely love Isagenix and would recommend it to anyone who also has health issues. I hope my story will give hope and encouragement to anybody who has endured pain like I have.

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