Understanding what body type you have may be the key to unlocking your ability to lose excess weight. Each body type indicates what part of your endocrine system is under attack causing your hormones or body organs to be stressed and unhealthy thus causing fat retention.

According to Eric Berg, DC in his book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, “the endocrine system is the system that discerns or determines threats to the normal survival, keeping the body out of crisis via hormones.” He goes on to say, “If its survival is threatened in any way, the body will start to hold energy—which is the accumulation of fat.”

The shape of your body is not just purely genetic. While you may have genetic tendencies, hormonal imbalances “will cause excessive distortions of accumulated fat in different locations around the body” Berg says.

Let’s look at the different body types.

Ovary – Adrenal – Thyroid – Liver

In Berg’s book he offers a quiz to help you determine your actual body type. This discovery, according to Berg, can substantially improve your goal of increasing your health through proper diet and the right kind of exercise and thus releasing excess fat. The beauty of this method is that “you don’t have to count calories and kill yourself at the gym!”

The next blog will discuss some of the general symptoms of each body type and the proper way to cleanse, eat and exercise.

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