Ovary – Adrenal – Thyroid – Liver

In my blog post on November 16, 2010 I showed a picture of the four typical body shapes and how they may disclose some keys to becoming healthier.

Let’s expound on those shapes and drill down deeper in narrowing which one is your predominate one.

Let’s take the quiz found in Eric Berg’s informative book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.

If you answer YES to ANY of the seven points below, you need foods that support your liver and thyroid. You do not need to go through the quiz—you already have your answer.

1.       Have had you gallbladder removed YES  NO
2.       History of gallstones YES  NO
3.       Can’t lose weight on high-protein diets (e.g., Atkins) YES  NO
4.       Dislike consuming lots of heavy protein-type foods YES  NO
5.       Inability to digest fatty or greasy foods, especially at night YES  NO
6.       History of liver problems YES  NO
7.       Protruding, distended belly—potbelly YES  NO

Directions: Circle one letter (T, A, L, O) in each question below. If there is more than one symptom that you are experiencing within a question, circle the one that is most prominent.

For women who are menopausal or post-menopausal, the Ovary (O) questions should be answered from the viewpoint of having had, or not had, previous problems with or a history of the condition mentioned.

1. Do you… T. crave sweets, breads and pasta?A. crave salt (pretzels, cheese puffs or salty peanuts) or chocolate?L. Crave deep-fried foods or potato chips?O. crave ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream or milk? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
2. Are you… T. often depressed or feeling hopeless?A. a worrier or often anxious and nervous?L. irritable, moody, grouchy, in the morning?O. moody/irritable at certain times of the month? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
3. Do you… T. feel better on fruits and berries?A. need coffee or stimulants to wake up?L. experience a tight feeling over your right lower stomach area or rib cage?O. experience constipation during menstruation? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
4. Do you have… T. brittle nails with vertical ridges?A. facial hair as a female?L. pain/tightness in right shoulder area?O. pain in right or left lower back/hip area? T. Thyroid
A. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
5. Do you have… T. a weight problem more evenly distributed?A. a pendulous abdomen, meaning hanging, sagging and loose?L. a protruding abdomen (potbelly)?O. excess fat on thighs and hops (saddlebags) and a lower stomach bulge? T. Thyroid
A. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
6. Do you have… T. dry skin, especially hands and around elbows?A. swollen ankles—socks leave creases on ankles?L. flaky skin or dandruff in eyebrows and scalp?O. menstrual cyclic hair loss? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
7. Do you have… T. indentations on both sides of your tongue where the tongue meets the teeth?A. atrophy (shrinkage) of the thigh muscles with difficulty getting up from a seated position?L. dark yellow urine?O. hot flashes? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
8. Do you have… T. a loss of hair on the outer third of the eyebrows?A. dizziness when getting up too quickly?L. hot or swollen feet?O. menstrual cyclic bran fog? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
9. Do you have… T. to sleep with socks on at night because of feeling cold?A. chronic inflammation in body?L. headaches or head feels heavy in morning?O. excessive menstrual bleeding? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
10. Do you have… T. puffiness around eyes?A. an unusual feeling of being “out of breath”L. skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, brown spots)?O. low sex drive? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
11. Do you have…Are you…Do you have… T. excessive skin sagging under arms?A. twitching under or on top of left eyelid?L. not a morning person, yet feel more awake at night?O. weight gain one week before menstrual period? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
12. Do you… T. have dry hair and hair loss?A. wake up in the middle of the night (2:00-3:00 a.m.)L. have a deep crevice (deep crease appO. have an upper body which is thinner than your lower body? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
13. Do you experience…. T. not being able to maintain curls in your hair after using a curling iron?A. cramps in the calves at night?L. more itching at night?O. water retention at certain times of the month? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
14. Do you… T. become excessively tired in the earnly evening (7:30-8:00 pm.) and more awake in the early morning?A. have a more active bladder at night than during the day?L. have a yellow tint in the whites of your eyes?O. have a history of ovarian or breast cysts? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
15. Do you have… T. a lack of get-up-and-go (vitality)?A. calcium issues or deposits—bursitis, tendonitis, kidney stones, heal spurs, early cataracts.L. major moodiness if you skip a meal?O. difficulty losing weight after pregnancy? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary
16. Do you have… T. a history of being on low-calorie diets?A. low tolerance for stressful situations, get easily irritable and on edge?L. stiffness and pain more in the right shoulder and right side of neck?O. pain and tightness in one knee, worse during menstrual cycle? T. ThyroidA. AdrenalL. LiverO. Ovary

Count up the total of each:

Total T. Thyroid

Total A. Adrenal

Total L. Liver

Total O. Ovary

After you discover your body type Dr. Berg’s eating and exercise plan is tailored to your needs.

Please purchase Eric Berg, DC’s book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning to learn how you can start to eat right and maximize your exercise to help heal your body and start to burn more fat.

It should be noted that the this 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System supports all of Dr. Berg’s findings and is a much easier way to consume the foods recommended in his book.

Michael Lantz, is the creator of The Peak Past 50 System™ and 13-time finisher of the world’s toughest endurance event, the Ironman® Triathlon.

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