1.  My relationship of and testimony of Jesus Christ.

2.  The peace that is in my heart that leads me to an abundance of happiness and positive thoughts.

3. My health and motivation to feed my body wholesome food and exercise to strengthen my body both physically and spiritually.

4. My eternal companion and rock in my life, my wife, best friend and lover, Suzanne.

5. My wonderful family; my four sons, my two daughters (by marriage) and four (with one on the way) granddaughters.

6. The awesome friends in my life that love and uplift me and make me laugh.

7. My family. I have the greatest parents on the planet and the best brother and sister in the world.

8. The gifts that God has blessed me with and my ability to share them to make the world a better place.

9. The United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave including all those who before me created and defended the Republic.

10. For each of you that pay your blessings forward every day.

Thank you!

Michael Lantz
The World’s Greatest Best Friend™

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

The Wellness Warrior™; Health & Leadership/Business Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Author, Ironman Triathlete Helping others live with more health and joy, paying for their dreams and make a difference in the world! Learn more: http://HealthIsAHabit.live

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