After the the second day of my nine day cleanse I released another 2 pounds. I’m down 9 pounds total. Most, if not all of this loss, was the bad inter cellular water that we gain in our abdomen when we consume a lot of bad carbohydrates, especially refined and processed sugar.

Starting weight: 200.6

Current weight: 191.6

I’m happy with this result. I feel much better and my energy level is back up to the level I’m used to.

I’m always amazed during the cleanse days that I’m not that hungry. I’m only consuming about 200 calories per day but the Cleanse for Life™ provides me the needed nutrition and my fat provides me with the calories.

Over the next five days I’ll go into “shake days.” A shake day is where I’ll consume a morning meal replacement shake of either chocolate or vanilla. Then I’ll eat two smaller meals of raw veggies and fruit and some lean meat. Then again this evening I’ll have another super food shake. I’ll also exercise between 1.5 and 2 hours per day.

My goal is to get lower than 190 pounds and maintain that throughout Christmas so on January 1st when I resume my high volume endurance training for Ironman Utah I’m at my game day weight of 188.

Rock on! I love nutrition and as a busy person and committed amateur athlete, nutrition “Is the Edge!”

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