I had a great post Thanksgiving 9-day cleanse and fat burn. I was able to release 10 total pounds!

Starting weight: 200.6

Ending weight: 190.6

The best part was that I continued to exercise and I did not get hungry on the four cleanse days because my body was using fat as its fuel. I feel much better too; my mental clarity has improved and I don’t have that pumpkin pie sluggish feeling. The body can do what it was designed to when we remove all the harmful impurities and toxins. Cleansing is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It is found in many other cultures but is not widely used in the United States.

As I always say, “Health is a Habit!” What are your health habits? What one habit do you have that is actually harmful? What one habit do you need to develop that would have the greatest improvement to your health?

Today is the day!

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