Watch your sweeteners on your Christmas meal. Big food giant Monsanto is out to make you hooked on their product that is not healthy at all.

Monsanto's Neotame molecule allowed in USDA certified organic foods Neotame – Hidden Dange … Read More

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  1. It is important for consumers to know that neotame is not allowed for use in organic products. Neotame is not included on the National List(, and is therefore not permitted for use in organic production and processing.

    It is also worth noting that on January 6th, the National Organic Program issued the following statement affirming that neotame is not allowed for use in organic: “The National Organic Program has received inquiries concerning Internet claims that the artificial sweetener Neotame is allowed in organic foods.

    To clarify, it is NOT permitted in organic foods or foods labeled ‘made with organic [specified ingredient or food group],’ nor is it permitted in organic livestock feed.”

    This statement can be viewed at

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