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Medicine itself has a very pathological focus. Scientists rarely study healthy people, and when people with chronic or terminal conditions manage to recover completely, defying the statistical medical prognosis, health professionals too often think that their initial diagnosis must have been wrong, instead of investigating why these people have done so well. In medical school, I practiced on sick or dead people. I was trained in what could go wrong.

Christiane Northrup, MD
Women’s bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Dr. Gardner’s comments: So true! If everyone listened to each other better, we would all be better off. One of the problems with focusing on disease or sickness, is that what we focus on we bring to pass. Individually we must focus on health in order to bring those conditions into our lives.

My husband (type 1 diabetic) and I attended your meet and greet/lecture/Q&A  and are so glad we did! It was completely fascinating and we learned so much. We can’t believe that you’ve relocated to Utah and have a practice right here where we live. We’ll hopefully be seeing you soon!

Thank you so much for writing!  As a gift to all of you, I’ll be announcing a lecture series soon that you can attend at the Keys to Healing Medical Center, where I have my practice.  There is no charge for the lecture series, and you will be able to attend as many as you like, on several different topics.  If you would especially like to request a topic, feel free to post a comment on the website, linked below.

Here’s my contact information:
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