I coached Shelly for the past 24 weeks as she literally morphed into a new women! Shelly released all of her weight in the first 30 days. Over the next 20 weeks as she faithfully exercised (walked, treadmill runs and light weights) she kept releasing inches as she built lean muscle (legs and arms) and shed fat, thus no additional weight loss but reducing in overall body size. She worked hard and with the grace of God is extremely healthy and has abundant happiness.

Her nutrition was provided by Isagenix; Isalean Shakes, Isa Greens, Isa Fruits, Isa Fiber, Isa Calcium, Slim Cakes and Isalean Meal Replacement Bars. She mostly had an organic diet of raw fruits, vegetables and organic lean animal protein.

Shelly aggressively cleansed to remove toxins and aid in her hormone’s ability to burn fat. Many times she would do back-to-back cleanse days gaining the added effectiveness of the second day.

I’m extremely proud of her! You rock sweetheart!

Before weight, September 2, 2010 = 170 (Size 14)

Before inches, 357.5

After weight,   = 150 (Size 6-8)

After inches, 316.50

Released: 20 lbs and 41 inches!

Shelly’s Awesome Story

I was a 21-year slave to an addiction. It brought me to the lowest point in my life but it also led me to discover the power of God in my life. I was able to overcome my addiction and dedicate my life to Christ. Because I was able to recover mentally I was able to donate a healthy kidney to a friend in need, saving his life.

I have learned that the Lord loves me by challenging me. My trials of addiction led me to balloon in weight to the heaviest of my life. My health was deteriorating. I had no energy, never slept through the night, and was in pain both physically and financially. Was this supposed to happen? After all, I did my part by donating my kidney.

I sought God’s help. I exercised my faith in Him and pleaded for Him to provide a solution.

Then miraculously I received a friend request on Facebook from Michael Lantz. He was the answer to my prayer. He introduced Isagenix to me and offered to pay for it for the first two months. Why would a perfect stranger offer me this gift? Now I’ve come to realize he is no stranger but a brother in Christ, and part of the wonderful Isagenix family that loves others and wants to heal the world of physical and financial pain.

That very first night on the system, I slept the entire night! The next morning I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I called Michael and asked the popular Isagenix question, “What’s in this stuff?” In the first 30 days, I released 20 lbs! I felt amazing and knew God’s hand was involved but I never remember reading about Isagenix in the Bible. It felt surreal and I wondered if this could really be happening.

With Isagenix I hope to one day be a millionaire! Not for the financial reasons, but because it will represent the blessings of good healthy living that I now have the opportunity to share.

Isagenix is a big part of my transformation and without the health I’ve gained, I might not have ever been able to have the strength, willpower or energy  to move on, get married, to motivate and serve others, and have peace of mind. God, and Isagenix, saved my life.

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