Want to run faster? Perhaps a physical limitation is present causing your atlas to be misaligned.

I sought help from Dr. Autumn Monteiro, DC because my regular chiropractic adjustments would not hold more than two weeks. After she diagnosed my misaligned  atlas she explained to me that realigning it  would allow the rest of the spine to adjust naturally. She said over a period of time the adjustments would start to hold even with the pounding my body takes in training for Ironman triathlon; especially running.

As you can see from the before and after photos the substantial improvement in my atlas area. The photos are about 7 months apart. My spine stays aligned for up to 6-8 weeks now. I’ve noticed my run gait has improved substantially and my cycling turnover is smoother. My left leg is starting to engage an be equal to the more powerful right leg. My right leg has always dominated my run and cycling stroke but now my economy is much improved as my left leg is contributing and adding power.

Dr. Autum uses the Blair approach. The Blair upper cervical approach is a unique system of finding and correcting nerve interference (subluxation) in the upper neck area. Precise x-rays are taken to custom tailor the neck adjustment to your individual spinal anatomy and condition. This is important as we all look as different on the inside as the outside. This “blue print” of your neck allows the her to deliver the adjustment that is exactly what your body needs.
All nerve messages between the brain and body must pass through the upper cervical area. The nervous system controls and regulates all parts and functions in the body. When there is nerve interference (subluxation) your body loses the ability to properly self regulate and heal itself. The result can be pain and illness. Blair Upper Cervical Care is often the key to people regaining and maintaining good health.
Autumn Monteiro, DC
Autumn Monteiro, DC

You can reach Dr. Autumn Monteiro, DC on the web at Back On Track.

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