You are a creature of your habits. In fact, 95% of everything you do is habitual, i.e., most all your actions are done without thinking about them. You are a product of your habits. Everything that makes up your life; health, wealth, happiness, success or failure, is due to your habits.

Yet you may be like 95% of the people in this world and don’t realize this truth and never make a conscious choice to change your habits. I hope you become one of the 5% that has the habit of changing and creating new habits.

There are some habits that can actually kill you such as eating poorly, smoking and consuming to much alcohol. Have you ever heard of someone dieing of lung cancer blaming it on the last cigarette they smoked? Of course not because most understand that smoking contributed to the problem but rarely will place blame on themselves for smoking. My dad was such a person. He died of the type of lung cancer that is 95% linked to smoking. My dad smoked for 50+ years unfiltered Camel cigarettes. However leading up to his death, never blamed “his” habit of smoking to his death. He never took responsibility for his habits. He blamed his cancer on the cigarette company. My dad was unfortunately in the 95%.

Because the vast magnitude of all our actions are habitual it would be wise to take inventory of them and see which habits are prohibiting you from obtaining your goals and which habits you need to create to move you closer to them.

Here are a few steps that if followed will help you create a habit of changing your habits;

1. Clearly identify your bad or unproductive habits

When I first took an inventory of EVERY thing I did each day for a week I thought my head would explode because it was boring to write everything down that I did. However, the painful exercise lead me to some amazing discoveries. It became clear to me that I had many habits, some I did everyday, that were clearly unproductive. For instance, the first thing I used to do in the morning was get up, go outside and get the paper, come back inside and read it cover to cover. I realized that reading a newspaper was very unproductive. Most of the news was bad and only upset me.  The question you have to ask yourself when looking at your habits is what are their long-term implications? Be totally honest. Your life may be at stake.

2. Define your new success habit

Usually the success habit is the opposite of the bad habit. If you smoke, the success habit would be, “don’t smoke.” Or for me, give up reading the paper and replace it with exercise and reading uplifting material. When you explore what habits would create success in your life be vivid in describing their benefits. The more vivid the explanation the more likely you are to take action.

3.  Create a three-part action plan

Action is the key to creating new habits. It is where the rubber meets the road. In my dad’s smoking case he might have read how to stop smoking literature. Maybe he could have decided to substitute something in it’s place. Or maybe made a bet with mom to hold him accountable. The key is to make a decision about what specific actions you’re going to implement.

You must take action. Start with one new habit at a time to make it a part of your new everyday activities. Create only one new habit a month because it takes 21 days in a row of doing a new action before it becomes a habit. Remember nothing will change unless you do.

Do you remember Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity or

E=MC2 (Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared)

This is Tri-umphant Coaching’s Success theory;

S=BA2 Success = Belief times the speed of action squared.

Today is your day to make a change! Just do it!

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