As a former nerdy CPA I occasionally fall back to the numbers. I was curious what some of the dieting statistics were since my current roll as a consultant for a billion dollar health and wellness company (Isagenix) in fact does help people overcome weight related health issues.


How many people in the US are obese?

According to the Centers of Desease Control and Prevention the “obesity prevalence in the United States was 26.7%” in 2009. Obesity is defined as a having a body mass index of more than 30 (that’s about 30 pounds overweight for a person 5′ 4″).

According to the last census there are approximately 306 million Americans. At 26.7% would mean that 81.7 million are obese.


What is the failure rates of the diet and weight loss industry?

According to Chase Freedom Diet Review they say “Research has shown 95% of those who lose weight eventually gain it back within three years. Beyond 3 years that failure rate is even worse. In reality, almost no one loses significant weight and keeps it off. The FDA has declared that not one single company in the entire weight loss industry can show a record of long-term success.”


How much is spent annually on diets?

According to Marketdata, Inc. “which analyzes ten major segments of the U.S. diet industry, put the current annual total at $58 billion spent on weight-loss products and services.

If 95% of diets fail then $55.1 billion is wasted.


My conclusions

The numbers are shocking to say the least. I run up against so many people that are so anti-dieting as a result of this alarming 95% failure rate but want to conquer their health.

I disagree with the statement from the FDA that says “that not one single company in the entire weight loss industry can show a record of long-term success.” They have not surveyed Isagenix.

Isagenix is not a diet. Let me repeat; Isagenix is not a diet. Through cleansing and replenishing the body with super Ionix minerals and dense nutrition, the body gains health and the by-product of a healthy body is weight loss.

Isagenix started in 2002. Over 75% of everyone that has ever used the Isagenix cleansing and fat burning system continue to use the product and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF! Also, 83% of the users of Isagenix are just product users and do not choose to participate in the income side of the business; another testimonial to the strength of the company and it’s strong products.

I personally released over 50 pounds 5 years ago and have kept it off since then. You can read about my story by clicking here.

Huge opportunity

For those of you who are entrepreneurial and realize the great opportunity to create enough residual income to make a car payment or a multiple six figure income please consider the above facts.

There are 81 million obese Americans that spend at least $58 billion annually on a failing result. Isagenix has continued to grow since launching in 2002 and last year exceeded one billion in cumulative sales. Isagenix has yet to reach even a million customers. Isagenix has created 55 millionaires and thousands of people earning more that six figures annually.

Get the point? The market is ever growing of people who need what we have and with it’s high retention rate of 75% and the fact that every 8 seconds someone turns 50 years old, Isagenix is positioned to be a growth company in the long term.

I want to help you be in the 5% that succeed.

I would love to help you as I’ve been able to bless the lives of so many others (over 1,750 to date). Please fill out the form below and I promise to get back in touch with you to answer any question you may have about permanent weight loss or supplementing or replacing your income.

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