More crud from FDA and Big Pharma trying to kill competition.

FDA suddenly bans 500 drugs FDA Suddenly Bans Drugs That Have Been On The Market For Decades from the perfect-gin-and-tonic-for-fun-and-profit dept By David Fuchs TechDirt Recently, the FDA banned 500 prescription drugs that had been on the market and working for years. To be fair, it was really 50-100 drugs (pdf), made by different companies, but that just highlights how there was actual competition in the marketplace for these drugs, which has now been removed. For all of … Read More

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  1. ….Demerol meperidine belongs to a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. If you are using any of these drugs you may not be able to use Demerol or you may need dosage adjustments or special tests during treatment..This list is not complete and there may be other drugs that can interact with Demerol. This includes vitamins minerals herbal products and drugs prescribed by other doctors.

  2. Plan B will not terminate a pregnancy that has already begun the fertilized egg has attached to the uterus ..Before using Plan B tell your doctor if you are allergic to any drugs or if you have diabetes. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088..See also in more detail .Before using Plan B tell your doctor if you are using any of the following drugs . .This list is not complete and there may be other drugs that can affect Plan B.

  3. Of course ..the real question in light of what we learn about these drugs is would it have helped? ..If he were actually hospitalized and given these drugs he would never have been safely ..taken off of them by the system would have theoretically been required to take them the of his life and what would have happened had he stopped taking them on his own?

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