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Many people love the flavor of tropical fruits like coconut and mangoes. But did you know that, aside from tasting good, they also have healthy benefits that in some instances could be lifesaving?

For example, five of the most outstanding fruits that can change your life are

  • Coconut,
  • Mangosteen,
  • Avocado,
  • Mango, and
  • Longan berries.

Scientists believe an anti-oxidant in mangosteens can cause cell death in cancer; and avocadoes, mangoes, and longan berries are rich with vitamins and nutrients that can help prevent common birth defects as well as cancer.

With coconuts, the juice – or water inside – not only is sterile, but has the same electrolytic balance as human blood, which enabled medics in the Pacific Theater in World War II to use it as an emergency substitute for plasma. And not too many years ago, coconut oil’s bad reputation caused a panic at the concession stands, when a study claimed that a large movie-theater popcorn, cooked in the oil, delivered as much saturated fat as six Big Macs.

But coconut oil has recently become the darling of the natural-foods world.

Scientists are backtracking on the worst accusations against coconut oil. It turns out that most of the studies involving coconut oil were done with partially hydrogenated coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil, which has not been chemically treated, is an entirely different thing from a health risk perspective — partial hydrogenation creates trans fats and destroys the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and other positive components present in virgin coconut oil.

According to the New York Times:

“And while it’s true that most of the fats in virgin coconut oil are saturated, opinions are changing on whether saturated fats are the arterial villains they were made out to be … The main saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid. Lauric acid increases levels of good HDL, or high-density lipoprotein”.


New York Times March 1, 2011


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  1. It is odd that at the same time people in developing countries especially those with a diet high in saturated fats such as coconut oil continue to be lean and healthy people who rarely die of heart disease cancer and other western maladies. So What s the Difference between saturated and polyunsaturated fats?Firstly saturated fats such as virgin coconut oil and butter do not go rancid for a long time.

  2. .Traditional way of making coconut oil using a -powered mill in …Coconut oil is an extracted from the kernel or meat of matured harvested from the coconut palm . Coconut oil is very heat stable so is suited to methods of cooking at high temperatures like frying. Numerous governmental agencies and medical organizations recommend against the consumption of significant amounts of coconut oil due to the high saturated fat content……

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