First of all I’m not against doctors. I use two doctors to help me obtain my maximum health. What I have found to be true when I’m helping one of my customers make nutrition and other lifestyle changes and I recommend that their doctor monitor their progress, is how often the doctor is “always down on what they are not up on” and effectively never consider the three simple keys to better health. Doctors love to treat the symptoms and seem to many times overlook the cause.

According to Joel Fuhrman, M.D. in his book, Eat to Live,

“Drs. Randall S. Stafford and David Blumenthal, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, reviewed the records of more than 30,000 office visits to 1,521 U. S. physicians of various specialties and found that doctors measured patients’ blood pressure during 50 percent of the visits. However, doctors tested their patients’  cholesterol level only 4.6 percent of the time. Physicians offered patients advise on how to lose weight in 5.8 percent of the visits, and suggestions on how smokers could quit 3 percent of the time. On average, doctors gave patients advice on dietary and other changes that can help lower cholesterol on 4.3 percent of the visits, and advice on exercise in 11.5 percent of the visits. when records were reviewed in those who had cardiovascular disease, the typical (almost worthless) dietary counseling and exercise was usually never even mentioned.(1)”

Your body is complex but health can be really simple. Your body just needs three things to achieve maximum health;

  1. Consume the 90 key nutrients (60 minerals and 30 vitamins, amino and fatty acids) DAILY,
  2. Live an ACTIVE lifestyle, and
  3. Get proper REST.

The next time you visit your doctor and he/she wants to prescribe a drug to treat a SYMPTOM, please ask them how nutrition, exercise and rest may work better overtime to get rid of the CAUSE and permanently overcome the illness.

(1) Stafford, R. S. and D. Blumenthal, 1998. Specialty difference in cardiovascular disease prevention practices. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 32 (5): 1238-43.

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