Elevator message: Accomplishing great things is easy when you know there is gold in your bold!

I often read Dr. Seuss books to my granddaughters and we laugh at the funny rhymes. One of my favorite books is, There’s a Wocket in my pocket!  Do you know this book?

I have a new title that I want to share with you, “There is gold in your bold! Now before you rush out to buy it, let me first share with you what’s in it.

Everyone needs to feel significant, to be counted worthy by your loved ones and peers, to feel a measure of satisfaction with yourself and life. You all want abundance in your life and the freedom wealth would provide for you.

Do you know where the world’s greatest wealth is stored? Sadly it is stored in cemeteries because most people never reach the measure of their creation. Each of you is an explosion of greatness waiting to happen. Let’s explore how to blow you up!

Boldness isn’t winning the marathon; it’s deciding to run the marathon. Boldness isn’t something that comes at the end of the journey; it comes at its beginning!

As Mike Dooley said, “most people are so psyched out by the bling, the medals, and the accolades of their heroes that they’ve completely forgotten that these very people started their journeys with much less than you and I have now.”

Before I joined the Bold is Gold club I was pretty miserable. I was poor financially and spiritually and I was out of shape and fat. I had one foot in the grave.  Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Because my desire was larger than my fear, I finally made a choice to be bold because I wanted the gold; happiness, abundance and health. I didn’t want just a small nugget of gold either; I wanted Ft. Knox!

I started with my health. I wanted the Ft. Knox of health so I knew I had better be really bold.  So what did I do? I signed up to compete in an Ironman triathlon. It is the world’s toughest test of endurance for an athlete. I had visions of all the gold I’d find if I could just finish the conquest.

Truth: Before you can be bold, you have to see the gold.

Boldness is needed to break through all your obstacles you’ll encounter along the way. When I started my journey I was fat and out of shape. I didn’t know how to swim and hadn’t run for over 20 years. I knew I was on the right path to the gold because of all the naysayers who kept telling me “You’re nuts!”, or “You can’t do that.” The biggest obstacle won’t be others telling you that “you can’t”, it will be the voice inside your head making you feel utterly scared. I was beyond anxious! After all, I was going from being a couch potato to ultra endurance athlete overnight. I had no clue what to expect.

Truth: You’ll know you’re bold because many will tell you “there is no gold in your bold!”

It’s always the small steps that demonstrate true boldness. It’s the small steps that summon gold–precisely because at the time you take them they seem so incredibly futile. Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey when as a young, undereducated, overweight African-American teenager, she decided to interview for a broadcasting position against older, and more experienced, better educated, thin white men? That was bold and you know the rest of her story.

Truth: Anyone can turn bold into gold.

Every time as I was training for the Ironman I wondered if the baby steps I was taking in my daily training would be enough to allow me to go the complete 140.6 miles in one day.  For nine months each small daily swim seemed so short in comparison to swimming 2.4 miles. Some bike rides were only 30 miles long, 82 miles short of the 112 miles in the Ironman. The five or 10 mile training runs seemed pale in comparison to actually running 26.2 miles. Yet day after day my endurance enlarged. It become easier and easier to train the longer distances. I was gaining small portions of speed and little by little I was getting stronger.

Truth: Each small bold step you take you’ll find gold dust leading you to the next small bold step.

I had many failures along the way in my training. I’d pull a muscle and couldn’t run or have multiple flats on a bike ride and have to end early. I even injured my shoulder swimming and couldn’t swim for eight weeks. But I discovered that if I didn’t quit, my resolve to get to the start line was becoming easier. My confidence grew and so did my motivation.

Truth: Each small bold step, even if in the wrong direction, is still in the path of gold.

The universe rewards those that don’t quit and it can only reward those that get to the start line even if you have to start over like me every day.

It’s this singular truth that can help you overcome your doubt; everyone has a personal gold mine. You mine it with boldness and every miner is treated equally the same.

Truth: Bold miners turn into gold miners.

Some skeptics may say, “You’re full of it! Not everyone has gold.”

Want proof? The one thing that every famous author, world-class athlete, business tycoon, singer, actor and celebrated achiever has in common is they all began their journeys when they had no gold.

For crying out loud, fourteen months before I found my gold, all I had were potatoes! Lots of them were on my couch at home!

For nine months I trained specifically for the Ironman. I kept building up my endurance but more importantly I was building my personal confidence in gold mining. It carried over into every aspect of my life too. I increased my personal confidence and happiness. I increased my friendships and I increased my net worth. I was starting to feel how golden health felt as well.

Truth: Acts of bold yield different veins of gold.

I was scared out of my mind on race morning. My heart was racing because I had never been in that position before. I had many “first times” in my life as an athlete, but an Ironman? Was I insane for trying this? Did I put my family on hold to attempt something that perhaps I couldn’t do?

When the gun went off to start the Ironman race I realized a big nugget that I’ve used ever since;

Truth: Boldness cancels out fear.

I learned that fear can’t live in a gold mine. I now can imagine how Oprah must have felt going into that interview; scared out of her mind yet as her career commenced, her boldness cancelled out her nerves and she too began the race. I was too now racing in the Ironman and throughout the day I felt the joy of the journey! I loved each and every part.

After 9 months of training and 15 hours and 51 minutes of racing, I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman triathlon. I still remember the announcer saying, “Michael Lantz, you are an Ironman!”

Truth: Ironman bold equals Ironman gold. The size of your bold equals the size of your gold.

Using your bold will work to harvest any gold you want. You’ve actually used it before but perhaps don’t realize it. Do you remember learning to ride your first bike? How impossible it seemed at first. Yet how impossible it now seems to ever imagine it was once hard. At first you saw the other kids riding their bikes. You finally mustered the boldness to take off your training wheels. Then the universe took over because you took the first bold step to mine gold. The universe dutifully and reluctantly let you go while galloping breathless at your side as you let out an enthusiastic, “Hands—off!”

With boldness you learned to effortlessly ride your bike. Of course you crashed a few times and the universe taught you some valuable lessons but once you have this kind of gold, it can never be taken from you.

I’ve finished 8 Ironman Triathlons to date and I have a goal of finishing 42 more. I can’t even imagine feeling scared at the distance now. I feel that about many things in my life now as well; my business, my friendships and my faith in God.

What gold would you like to capture; health, abundance, friendships, breakthroughs or happiness? I know that everyone reading this has a ton of gold within your reach. For some of you it is just under the surface of the ground. For others it may be years of mining away.

There is one thing that applies to all of us; your bold can find your gold.

God bless you!

[Michael is a very successful family man with four sons and five granddaughters. He owns several productive businesses. He is a nutrition nut case and love how it can bless the lives of everyone that walks on God’s green earth. He has finished 8 Ironman Triathlons with a goal of finishing at least 50 during his life time; including at least one with a son and one with a grandchild. He also wants to finish one in his eighties.

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