There are some great reasons to ride a bike for weight loss. Here are a few:

Manage intensity of workout though heart rate much easier.

Build muscle

Fun; outside, social, at your level

Year round

Easy on joints; exercise longer without the strain

Social; meet people, great for single people

Price range for everyone

Recovery tool from a hard exercise

Faster so you can cover more territory; feels like you did something

Great buster of weight plateaus

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  1. Love it! I think the hardest thing for me and for most people is
    not only trying to find ways to workout and lose weight
    but to also to also make it enjoyable. Doing things like taking my dog for a walk or in a nearby mountain
    area can be a nice change of pace. I’d rather not lift weights in front of a mirror for an hour or run around in circles on a track.

    Likewise, simply dieting or starving yourself isn’t going to last if you want to lose weight quickly.
    If you really want to start losing weight you need to go out and find
    food that is healthy but also tastes good so that you will
    associate eating healthy with something that also tastes great.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. It’s very hard to find find good information on health. There are a lot of people that this is going to help!

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