My first Pilates Class

braden pilatesMy doctor and friend, Robert Braden DC, encouraged me to attend a 5:30am Pilates class he and his wife Cindy taught. He and I have worked on the many causes of all the running injuries I had sustain this year. The goal was to free up and activate the 46 muscles that surround the pelvis which are commonly called the “Core.” He indicated that past age 50 people lose on the average 5% of their muscle mass around this area and is the reason many people have hip, back and knee pain. He said, “If people would take care of these areas and eat right there would be 80% fewer hip and knee replacements.”

As I looked back on my Ironman triathlon journey I always avoided strength and core training because it was boring. But with all the injuries I had had last year and a poor performance in Ironman Lake Tahoe I am passionate now to improve in this area.

There were 5 categories of poses I did and each category has several variations and parts. It takes about an hour to complete. When I was done I was very pleased with the reduction of pain and the increase in flexibility.

I’m sold!

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