There is a sure way to make every day a great day. For me it’s witnessing the simple things that we take for granted. When I look for them with purpose I see so much more beauty around me.

FB-Pic-TempletThis morning on my way to church I noticed some birds chirping above my head. To my surprise some birds had made a nest in my rain gutter. That made my day great.

The sun was shining brightly and I felt the warmth of it on my face. That made my day great.

I opened my refrigerator and noticed that it was full of food to sustain my life. That made my day great.

I’m preparing to replant my back lawn this next spring. While there is only dead yellow grass there now I fully imagined it full and green and perfectly mowed. That made my day great.

I noticed my home in the rear-view mirror as I drove away and felt gratitude that I’m earning a great income to allow me to have such a comfortable place to live. I was grateful for all the memories of raising my family there. That made my day great.

I see people post on Facebook how rotten their day was. For some people I see them post something like that very often and I wonder if they have the perspective on life that I do. To me perspective is important. I fully understand that I don’t control any outcome or result of my life. Everything is an offering to me. I’m grateful for each one. I accept them.

With that perspective, today is a great day.

Tomorrow will be a great day too!

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