I’m always amazed and respectful of the journeys people have taken to get where they are at in life. I was reflecting on my journey and realize how grateful I am of my own painful journey.

god sized dreamsI’ve always had abundant dreams and knew someday they would come true. Ten years ago I retired from the CPA firm I was a partner at for over 20 years to pursue my dream of owning my investment and estate planning firm. It was so liberating! I felt FREE!

As I started that new journey so many things opened up to me. I found health and fitness. I did my first Ironman triathlon. I started to dream even bigger because I was enjoying time and a measure of financial freedom.

Then almost overnight in the bad economy of 2009 it all came crashing down. My income slashed by 70% and my net worth and retirement nest egg fell off the wall and I knew what Humpty Dumbty must have felt like. I was in shock. I was angry. I started to wonder if the CPA firm would take me back because after all there was a safety net there.

I realized that it was that safety net that held me from my dreams. So I faithfully pursued on.

I was open to all possibilities. I kept dreaming. I kept believing.

Then almost in a surreal moment the blessing with a better and new way was delivered to my doorstep in the form of an invitation. In a blink of an eye I had that aha moment and knew this was the path to my dreams.

I started part-time in my new at home business. I had used my hope to keep me going. That new adventure would prove the way to my dreams. I could see why I had to go through the pain of financial loss to then see the better way. My false security my investment business gave me closed my eyes to this path. The Universe wanted to deliver my dreams to me but my false belief of security kept me away from it. The Universe knew better and had to take control over my unfaithful and stubborn self.

I’m grateful for my hardship. I’m grateful for the painful journey. I’m grateful for the Universe and that all I needed to do was get on board of its dream train to take me to my destinations!

There a better way!

About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

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