When I started to be around people who had achieved success I started to realize that it had nothing to do with their education, family inheritance, whether they were tall, fat, thin, male or female. But they all possessed one thing in common; they believed they were successful before they achieved it.

FB-Pic-Templet“Could that be really all there was to it?” I asked myself. Without question the answer is yes.

That conclusion intrigued me. It became a quest to learn more. Thankfully, I did learn more and with this application of that knowledge have begun to lead a much more abundant and successful life.

One of the best reads on this subject is by Raymond Holliwell’s Working With The Law. Let’s just explore one principle taught (you’ll have to read the book to learn all of them).

He teaches that “thoughts become things.” You can imagine the thoughts a successful person has with their belief that they are already successful. He states:

“Every idea and mental picture must produce after its own kind whether the picture is good or bad; the Law determines it so. The Law does not question or challenge the kind of picture we give to it. It only knows that it must take what is offered or planted, and then proceed to materialize it into a visible form.”

He goes on to describe this principle in one of the most beautiful analogies I’ve ever heard on the subject. He has you visualize a rich fertile field with the dark brown soil full of nutrients and minerals. He then asks if the soil cares what seed is planted? Of course it doesn’t care. It will provide the foundation for any seed to grow. If you planted corn, the soil would grow a tall and bountiful stalk of with many ears of sweet and healthy corn.

On the other hand, if a noxious weed is planted, the soil would grow it as well, ready to choke out any other living plant.

The field is the Universe we live in.  The law states that what ever picture we think in our minds will  materialize in its tangible state.  The results in your life up to this very second is proof of this fact. Thoughts literally become things. Everything created, both bad and good,  since the earth was created has been first conceived in the mind of man.

The takeaway: You have the gift, like every human being that ever lived, to choose your level of belief and thus your thoughts. From your thoughts come your reality. If you want a different reality, you must change your thoughts and beliefs.

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