FB-Pic-TempletAccording to the world’s leading authority on aging, William H. Andrews, PhD said, “We age because our cells divide and telomeres get shorter.” With that knowledge the key to slowing down or perhaps even reversing the effects of  aging would be to slow down telomere degradation and/or to support their regeneration and length.


Lifestyle changes to support telomere health:

1. Decrease toxins

2. Address obesity

3. Improving nutrition

4. Reducing mental, physical and oxidative stress

Dr. Andrews also concludes that finding strategies to lengthen telomeres (turning back our biological clock) will be essential in the quest to effective youthful aging. In his quest in 1997 he discovered the human telomarase gene. That finding was so significant it was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine by three of his former colleagues. In the video above you heard of a study done at another lab (6:44 mark). That study was the subject of a news report by Diane Sawyer on ABC News in Dec. 2010.



A Personal Interview with William Andrews

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