FB-Pic-TempletLots of people post stuff about “Participating in Life”, “Live your life to the fullest” and “Helping you live an abundant life.” What does all that really mean? Who are these people that are trying to help you? Do they live their life to the fullest, what ever that means?

I’m not a “new age” kind of guy. I don’t mind people who call themselves that. It’s a free country.

I believe everyone can have what ever they want in life. I also believe in personal responsibility. Your life is exactly as you are currently making it. Period. If you don’t like what’s going on in your life then you have to change things. Only you can define “life” and no one else. Only you can achieve it, no one will do it for you. And if your life sucks its not anybody’s fault but your own.

Change is the real key to making progress in anything we do. You have to first change the what you believe. I also believe that all thought creates the things in your life and that all thought begins by what you believe.

People can have more out of life. Most people seem to want more out of life but never get it. Why is that? In my experience its because they don’t believe they can ever achieve it and “bam,” that’s exactly what they get; they never achieve it. Proof that thoughts become things.

At one point when I was “thinking” about doing my first Ironman triathlon I went to some people I knew and asked them what they thought and if they thought I could do it. They answered me based on what their “beliefs” were. “Oh, Mike, you don’t even know how to swim. I can’t swim either so I guess you better not try it.” were the type of responses I got. That did not feel right to me because I really thought I could do it even though I didn’t know how to swim (I guess for someone who believes they can’t swim would have a real challenge swimming 2.4 miles).

Then I asked my good friend Brent Phillips if he thought I could do it. Brent had completed two Ironman triathlons so I respected his opinion. His answer was perfect for me. He said, “Mike, it doesn’t matter what I think or believe. Do you believe you can?” I did believe that I could do it and by golly, I did! Proof again that thoughts become things.

I wonder if all this new age stuff is from people who are not actually living their life to the fullest yet are out trying to make you live your life that way. In my view I’d rather seek counsel from a successful person, like Brent Phillips, who already had what I wanted, how he or she achieved it rather than to ask a new age flowery person who did not have what I wanted. Why do people believe the counsel of others who have not achieved crud in their life? Seems dumb to me.

Bottom line; you can achieve and have anything you want in life. You must desire it first, believe that it is yours second and then go after it with passion and diligence.

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