runningI see so many people running incorrectly and I know in time they will sustain an injury, just like I did, when I ran the same way.

I’ve attached a photo of three women running. Please note their lead foot will land in front of their center of gravity and on their heal in effect putting on the brakes. All that force will be displaced all the way up starting at the heal, foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. If you compound that force over and over again during a run, you can see how you might receive an “overuse” injury, sidelining you from running. Then to compound that, you have use a lot of energy and force pushing off the back foot to keep you moving forward after you just applied the brakes.  running

Please note me running in the top left photo. The things I had to learn were:

  1. I have to keep a straight body, not bending at the waist like a lot of runners lacking core strength.
  2. I have a slight lean and I allow gravity to propel me forward. All I have to do is “pick” my feet up as opposed to “pushing” off the ground. It feels like a controlled fall (which it really is). As you lean forward you feel like you’re going to fall (gravity) but you pick up your back foot and set it down directly under your center of gravity which is slightly behind your head because it’s leaning forward.
  3. Notice my front foot lands directly under my center of gravity so all the force is balanced over all my big muscles and the force is dissipated  with  gravity.

The 5 Tips to Keep You Injury Free

  1. You have to have a straight column. Keep head and eyes forward.
  2. You’ll want your front foot to land “behind” you with a mid-foot strike.
  3. You’ll want to “swing” your legs backward.
  4. Practice a slight forward lean.
  5. “Pick” your feet up instead of “jumping” off the ground.

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