FB-Pic-TempletThe greatest gift to you are other people. These relationships are hard at times but are also the source of most of the joy in your life.  Jim Rohn says, “Relationships represent the most beautiful highs of life as well as some of the most tormented lows of life.”

If you’ve ever had a flower garden you know that you must work hard to turn the flowers, dirt, yard tools and bag of fertilizer into a beautiful sight without weeds. Your family and your love needs cultivation like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination are constantly needed to keep any relationship flourishing and growing. If that doesn’t happen on a consistent basis the garden will fill up with weeds that will overtake the garden and turn it into a mess.

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The Third Pillar of Success: Make the Most of the Gift of Relationships

The most important relationship is your relationship with your Creator. Because this relationship is the most important you’ll need to spend the most quality time building it. Above all else a solid relationship with your Creator will help  you pull through tough times. This relationship, like the foundation of a tall building, supports the other relationships built above it.

The next important relationship is with yourself. Are you your own best friend? Do you support your failures and your successes? Most people neglect this relationship. Please check the second pillar to see how best to build this relationship.

Progressing up is the relationship you need with your health. Without a good relationship with your health, you’ll miss the strength that comes with being unrestricted with your ability to perform activities. You gain physical energy with a strong relationship. Again, see the second pillar for more information.

The next relationship that needs to be nurtured is with your family; you spouse, children, parents and other family members. Like all the other relationships before this, this relationship takes time, effort and imagination because you’re dealing with people where as the earlier three you were dealing within yourself.

Following the progression the next relationship is with others; vendors, the community, friends, customers and your nation. These are the relationships that will define you outside of your family and will yield income as you serve them and their needs.

Finally is the relationship you’ll have with your business. Notice that this is the least important relationship yet some many people make it the most important. By building all the other relationships first, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can spend on this without worry. You’ll grow your business through relationships with others and your family will gain all the quality time it needed.

Follow all earlier pillars:

First Pillar of Success; Work Harder on Yourself than You Do on Your Job or Business.

Second Pillar of Success: Total Well-Being

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