FB-Pic-TempletI had a ball yesterday filming this short video. I attached the GoPro Hero3 camera to the DJI Phanton Quad Copter and began shooting. I would hover position the copter in GPS mode and then run either toward or away from the camera. Then at home, with footage shot at 47 fps (frames per second) in 1440 HD, began editing the footage. I used Adobe Premier Pro to create the video. I added a classical music song that I had purchased for $1.29 on iTunes and walla, “Final Cut!”

The photo montage was created by pulling out individual frames of the video and moving them into Adobe Photoshop.

The DJI cost $700 through B&H Camera on-line. I purchased the GoPro at my local REI for about $500.

My Final Video


About the Author Michael Lantz (Big Papa)

Wellness Warrior & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Author, Ironman Triathlete Helping others live with more health and joy, pay for their dreams and make a difference in the world! Learn more: http://HealthIsAHabit.live

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