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by Britney Shiflet, via Prosper Magazine

Dave MacArthur saw two paths – fix his ‘slump’ of a life as a mechanic or end it all. With Isagenix he fixed his body, which then changed his mind and his FINANCES.

Things got off to another rough start for Dave MacArthur – a 4:30 a.m. morning in 2005 when he ran the paper route, hit the gym with his wife, and dragged himself to the mechanic shop where he stayed until 10 p.m. Providing for his large family was all he lived for. Dave’s exhausting routine had him mentally stagnant, physically beat and emotionally drained.

“I felt my sanity waning, ” he says. “I was on the brink.”

Dave says he’ll never forget this particular day when he envisioned two paths. One, he would find a solution to improve his “slump” of a life, or two, he would leave it all behind in a very drastic way.


“By the time I was 37 I was far away from being the person I wanted to be. I was out of shape, depressed and financially drained,” Dave says. “I’d work hard at something until an obstacle came and then I’d give up. So there I was, in constant prayer, walking around the neighborhood seeing only two options. I wanted a solution or I wanted to die.”

His wife, Cary, could feel his pain as she watched Dave carry the load. His fight for happiness was almost unbearable, and they both knew something had to change.

The contrast between their dark past and their bright future explains why Cary is so proud of Dave.

“When it comes to Isagenix, I’m the silent yet biggest supporter,” Cary says. “It’s been a phenomenal blessing in our lives because it brought me FB-Pic-Templetmy husband again.”

It also brought her freedom as well. Cary used to run a few side businesses to help Dave with family finances, although they were still living paycheck to paycheck. Plus, running six kids to school in the mornings, sports in the afternoon, and providing dinner for eight mouths at night didn’t leave her much time to help.

Then they saw an Isagenix booth at a fair.

“We stopped by the Isagenix table and started talking to Carl and Kathy Lamar who were really genuine,” Cary says. “Dave was apprehensive to even try the Isagenix products, but I knew he needed something for his health and energy, so I entered him in a raffle.”

By luck of the draw, the Mac Arthurs won a free 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Dave was leery about doing it alone, so they bought a second system to try the program as a couple.

“By the second day he called me and he was like the Energizer Bunny, ” Cary says. “People would stop him on the street because of the glow in his demeanor. We both knew he would never go back.”

Dave had always been skeptical by nature, but he couldn’t deny how he felt on the products.

“I was freaking out calling my wife when we started doing the cleanse,” Dave says. “She didn’t feel as bad as I did prior to the cleanse, so she didn’t have as big of an epiphany – but we both knew this would change our lives forever.”

Dave’s only fear was that his “high” was temporary. Now eight years later, Dave still hasn’t come down from his elevated outlook.

From the day he started the program, he embraced it fully and was named Isagenix’s 66th Millionaire in August 2012.

Dave turned 45 in June, and he says he’s done more in this past year of his life than the previous 44 combined. He has 141,000 on his Isagenix team, an itinerary booked for international  work in Australia and a sizable home in sunny St. George, Utah.

Dave’s storyline includes foreshadowing – and conflict – from his teenage years, when he used to read Zig Ziglar and Tony Robins. He aspired to be a game-changer, but Dave would shrink when ever a challenge arose.

It was something he despised about himself, which led to depression over unfulfilled dreams and potential.

“Amazingly enough, now people from all over the world listen to me speak on a podcast at MechanicToMillionaire.com,” Dave says. “There have been thousands of downloads, and it surpassed all my expectations. Now, rather than being a liability to society, I am an asset.”

Dave calles his Isagenix transformation “divinely inspired.” Instead of a simple temporary weight loss and short-lived results, he experienced total body – and mind – transformation. He now focuses sharply on personal development for himself and everyone he encounters.

“I’m an advocate of ‘The Secret,'” Dave says. “The principles taught in it are so critical to understanding why we keep quitting. But to succeed we need to be in an environment where everyone wants to rise and everyone wants the other person to stay in the game, too. Personal development is  synonymous with success.”

Above all, Dave says he and Cary enjoy Isagenix because it provides residual income for their family.

“I love what I do because I create passive income and take a break from work without feeling guilty,” Dave says.

“That’s the way of the future.”

Cary enjoys the time freedom and attitude shift in her home – which she describes as “night and day.”

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