patriotIn my 57 years on this earth I’ve seen a society that was once very independent and patriotic to a society that feels entitled and divided. Those brave patriots that created this land were under the rule of a repressive government who wanted to control what they did,  taxed them heavily and even told them what Church they had to attend. They even told them how to do their jobs and if they spoke out against their rule they would shackle you.

Our founders didn’t ask who was going to take care of them. They only wanted the opportunity to take care of themselves. They wanted to be responsible for themselves and to be able to have the freedom to not only succeed but to fail. They were fiercely independent.

At the turn of the century, in 1900, about 90% of our country was self-employed, in a results economy, exercising responsibility and independence fostered in the creation of our freedoms in 1776. Then by about 1980, just a short 80 years later, that statistic flip-flopped and 90% were employees and only 10% were self-employed. That number today is even worse where about 95% are employees.

Today it’s a society that is compensated not on results produced but by seniority and entitlement. A society that suppresses your creative spirit and would ridicule you for stepping up. In this society people are rewarded to be quiet, like sheep to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Sound familiar?

What happened in that short 80 year period? People started to lose their independent spirit and started to vote for politicians who ran on the premise that if you voted for them they would take care of you. They would give you Social Security, unemployment benefits, and today free health insurance.

Is it any wonder many of these politicians don’t even want your children learning about our Founders in school? Did you know that many elementary school text books don’t even teach why our country was founded? These politicians and power brokers fear a country that would regain that independent spirit and boot them out of office and take control away from them and back to the people by shrinking the size of government and putting them back to work like everyone else.

When I was a boy I remember my uncles sitting around talking about how bad it would be to work for the government where you could screw up, exercise control  over others and could not lose your job and get a fat pension to retire on. No wonder government workers support the entitlement agenda.

I believe strongly our economy is moving towards a performance economy. According to Eric Worre in his book GoPro states, “Here’s what that means: in the future, you’re only going to be paid for performance. You won’t be paid for your time anymore. Servers in the food industry already live in this model. They get a very low hourly wage required by law and they make their living through tips, based on their performance.

If you can imagine the same model being applied to almost every job in the world, you will see what is coming. The person cleaning the rooms in a hotel won’t be paid by the hour anymore. They be paid per room.” Think about your own job and how that may play out. A person making a salary of $60,000 will be told to cut that to a base of $30,000 and have to earn the other $30,000 based on meeting bench mark goals. If you miss a goal that month, you don’t earn the bonus. And guess what will happen when you finally achieve all your benchmarks? The company will change them on you making new higher benchmarks to reach.

Workers who have lost that independent spirit will lose much as a result; mostly the freedom to choose to take care of their family in their own way and in the results economy.

It’s been my mission to help people make wise choices about how to get fit, feel fabulous and become financially free. To be able to work for themselves and produce the profits that they now only create for those they work for. To work for your dreams and not the dreams of your employer. To be like the Founders of old, to realized the American dream. That is true freedom to be able to be paid on what you are truly worth and what profits you create.

I’ve been in both worlds, employee and employer. I have the independent spirit. I have true freedom.

Have I failed with this freedom? Yes. But those failures taught me valuable lessons and as a result I’m producing more and more profits in less and less time.

Be an independent patriot! Have freedom by owning your own business! Be self-employed. You’ll discover as the founders of old, its liberating and will set you free in more ways than you can imagine!

If you have the independent sprit and would like to work for yourself, please contact me.

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