FB-Pic-TempletI just got home from the Isagenix New Years Kick Off event in Dallas. I’m always energized at these events. But this one was different for me. It was seriously awesome.  I asked myself why did this event amp me up so much? Why did it leave me so energized?

My only answer was because of these awesome people.


Chris and Dawn from Chicago own a restaurant and have that Chicago accent made famous on Saturday night live with “da Bears!” They both lost about 1,000 pounds each and look amazing. Chris totally changed to this handsome guy and Dawn is dang sexy!!  You can tell that they are totally rocking each other out! They’re working toward complete time and financial freedom from the  restaurant that owns them. Ask them if owning their own business is the American dream and they’ll tell you, “only if you don’t want a life.” I asked Chris if he was going to retire from the restaurant business and he said in that friendly Chicago accent, “you got dat!”

That made me happy and pumped me up.

FB-Pic-TempletI sat through several of the sessions with my friend Amber who lives in Sacramento. I just love this woman. We are both Mormons. We love families, serving others and having a relationship with Christ. She’s not like most Molly Mormon woman though. She’s got a large family of four children ranging from 5 to 12 and serves in the Relief Society. She also served a mission for the church in Germany. This woman is special. She’s funny, bright and has a quick wit. Always smiling and laughing. I can throw my random wit at her and instead of getting a “uh?” response, she’ll come back with her own wit without missing a beat. She’s got a great business mind too. She has that “I’m here to pump you up!” attitude.

That made me happy and pumped me up.

FB-Pic-TempletThe day before the event started and out of the blue I get a text from my friend Lenny asking me if I had a place for him to crash the night before. I love Lenny! He’s a company leader (the 33rd millionaire of our 100) and master motivator. Totally right brained and not constrained by any walls. I offered to pick him up at the airport. Little did I know his flight was 3 hours late (he didn’t inform me either, I don’t love that but with Lenny you expect it) and he had two people with him (my rental car was small and barely fit us all in it). Classic Lenny.  Others might have been upset but not me. We stayed up to B.S. we were totally exercising our right brain. He’s into yoga and I’m into Pilates. We were doing poses at midnight and again at 6am. I even saw his famous Hoggie Yogi underwear. I promised I wouldn’t post a photo on Facebook (keep watching Facebook in the near future).

That made me happy and pumped me up.

FB-Pic-TempletThe final speaker of the event totally jacked me up. My friend David taught all of us about team building by sharing his story of a 5 day hike to the top of Kilimanjaro with a mixed team of energetic youth, bull dog entrepreneurs and a woman who never walked more than 15 feet in her life hailing a cab in New York. He owned all 3,000 people in the crowd as he shared his journey with us. He had us laughing one moment and crying tears of joy the next. The story was told with pictures and video in a way that you felt you were on the top of the summit with his team. What is classic David is that all eleven of his team made it to the summit including Ms. New York High Heals when usually only about half that ever set out to summit actually make it.  David is a very unique individual and a master motivator and teacher. The best one hour education in team work I’ve ever heard.

That made me happy and pumped me up.

I’m a blessed man for sure. I’m blessed because I can call all of these people my friend.

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