FB-Pic-TempletEveryone deep down has a person they’d like to just kick their a$$. I won’t tell you mine until the end of the blog.

Let’s establish the different ways to kick an a$$.

  1. PHYSICALLY This is where you just literally whoop someone’s a$$. You bloody their face. You body slam them on the ground and break a bone and/or you choke the crud out of them making them tap out.
  2. MAKE THEIR LUNGS AND LEGS BURN In my sport of triathlon when my coach makes me go so hard that my lungs feel like they are going to burst and my legs are on fire is an a$$ whoopin.
  3. EMOTIONALLY The ultimate a$$ whoopin is where someone knows they have no control over you like they used to think they did.
  4. FINANCIALLY Where you have zero dollars left over and nothing to show for it.
  5. WINNER/LOSER Where you’re on top of the podium (i.e., you achieved the prize) and they are in the car crying

Number 3, an emotional a$$ whoopin, is the one I’d like to talk about. As I said, it’s the ultimate a$$ whoopin because a) how it makes you feel, b) how it makes the person who received the a$$ whoopin feel and c) it’s permanent (as long as you continue in the quest).

Creating the situation that allows you to project to others, especially those who want to control or be mean to you, that they can not and will not control you is the ultimate way to whoop an a$$.

It starts by being in complete control of yourself. You have to exercise free will and control your thoughts and actions in a positive way regardless of what goes on around you. It’s the law of the universe that what goes around, comes around. Some call it karma. I call it well-being.

To completely control yourself you have to rid yourself of false beliefs and replace and strengthen correct beliefs. All actions and thought comes from your beliefs. Let me give you a true example of a dear woman who I recently helped.

She is a mother of some wonderful small children. She is smart as the noon sun is bright. She came to me after she had received physical abuse at the hands of her husband. She also had a physiologist diagnose her as “clinically depressed” and wanted her to be on medication.

We talked about beliefs and how they control everything in our life. They control our every outcome. She did not want to be on medication. I asked her if she was ever happy. She told me she was happy at different times during the day with certain events and people. I then asked her how she can be happy then but not now?  That stumped her. I told her the truth.

I explained that if she could be happy at times, she could learn to be happy always. That gave her hope. By the time we were done with that segment she was beaming. She told me some of the beliefs she had. The biggest one was that she believed she was not worthy of happiness. Bingo! We found the source of all her negative depressing thoughts.

We started to explore that belief and upon some reflection she realized it was not true but was really just BS and that she could believe she was worthy of happiness.  Her attitude rose up to a much higher level. As she regained her well-being she started to laugh and she could see life more clearly. She didn’t need drugs. She just needed the truth about what was going on inside her head and being transferred to her heart.

She now began to see that her husband was sick. That he hit her not because of something she did but because he was fulfilling one of his poor beliefs and insecurities. She began to love him more and to see how he needed help. She began to see the situation correctly. No longer did she feel like she was the cause of his actions and that regardless of how he acted, she could be happy. She was finally liberated and could now believe that no one could control her including her husband. She completely disarmed him and gave him an emotional a$$ whoopin without ever laying a finger on him. He could not use her as a way to support his belief that he was dominate and she had to do what he commanded her. That took all the wind out of his sails and  now he can begin to look at the situation more clearly if he chooses to.

Being in complete control of your beliefs, retaining truthful beliefs and discarding the false beliefs, is the way to have control over yourself. That control will project to others and they can then start to be relieved of their own fears and insecurities because they will trust you. All great leaders have led this way.

I most wanted to kick my own fear’s a$$. I did too! I changed my beliefs and began to realized my fears were only in my head. They didn’t exist if I didn’t want them too. With that they had no control over me and I was able to go full steam ahead toward my goals and dreams.

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